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nsIDOMXULCommandDispatcher Interface Reference

import "nsIDOMXULCommandDispatcher.idl";

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Public Member Functions

void addCommandUpdater (in nsIDOMElement updater, in DOMString events, in DOMString targets)
void removeCommandUpdater (in nsIDOMElement updater)
void updateCommands (in DOMString eventName)
nsIController getControllerForCommand (in string command)
nsIControllers getControllers ()
void advanceFocus ()
void rewindFocus ()
void advanceFocusIntoSubtree (in nsIDOMElement elt)

Public Attributes

attribute nsIDOMElement focusedElement
attribute nsIDOMWindow focusedWindow
attribute boolean suppressFocusScroll

Member Function Documentation

void nsIDOMXULCommandDispatcher::addCommandUpdater ( in nsIDOMElement  updater,
in DOMString  events,
in DOMString  targets 
void nsIDOMXULCommandDispatcher::advanceFocus (  ) 
void nsIDOMXULCommandDispatcher::advanceFocusIntoSubtree ( in nsIDOMElement  elt  ) 
nsIController nsIDOMXULCommandDispatcher::getControllerForCommand ( in string  command  ) 
nsIControllers nsIDOMXULCommandDispatcher::getControllers (  ) 
void nsIDOMXULCommandDispatcher::removeCommandUpdater ( in nsIDOMElement  updater  ) 
void nsIDOMXULCommandDispatcher::rewindFocus (  ) 
void nsIDOMXULCommandDispatcher::updateCommands ( in DOMString  eventName  ) 

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