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nsIDOMXPathResult Interface Reference

import "nsIDOMXPathResult.idl";

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Public Member Functions

nsIDOMNode iterateNext () raises (XPathException, DOMException)
nsIDOMNode snapshotItem (in unsigned long index) raises (XPathException)

Public Attributes

const unsigned short ANY_TYPE = 0
const unsigned short NUMBER_TYPE = 1
const unsigned short STRING_TYPE = 2
const unsigned short BOOLEAN_TYPE = 3
const unsigned short UNORDERED_NODE_ITERATOR_TYPE = 4
const unsigned short ORDERED_NODE_ITERATOR_TYPE = 5
const unsigned short UNORDERED_NODE_SNAPSHOT_TYPE = 6
const unsigned short ORDERED_NODE_SNAPSHOT_TYPE = 7
const unsigned short ANY_UNORDERED_NODE_TYPE = 8
const unsigned short FIRST_ORDERED_NODE_TYPE = 9
readonly attribute unsigned short resultType
readonly attribute double numberValue
readonly attribute DOMString stringValue
readonly attribute boolean booleanValue
readonly attribute nsIDOMNode singleNodeValue
readonly attribute boolean invalidIteratorState
readonly attribute unsigned long snapshotLength

Member Function Documentation

nsIDOMNode nsIDOMXPathResult::iterateNext (  )  raises (XPathException, DOMException)
nsIDOMNode nsIDOMXPathResult::snapshotItem ( in unsigned long  index  )  raises (XPathException)

Member Data Documentation

const unsigned short nsIDOMXPathResult::ANY_TYPE = 0
const unsigned short nsIDOMXPathResult::BOOLEAN_TYPE = 3
const unsigned short nsIDOMXPathResult::NUMBER_TYPE = 1
readonly attribute double nsIDOMXPathResult::numberValue
readonly attribute unsigned short nsIDOMXPathResult::resultType
readonly attribute unsigned long nsIDOMXPathResult::snapshotLength
const unsigned short nsIDOMXPathResult::STRING_TYPE = 2
readonly attribute DOMString nsIDOMXPathResult::stringValue

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