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nsIDOMXPathEvaluator Interface Reference

import "nsIDOMXPathEvaluator.idl";

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Public Member Functions

nsIDOMXPathExpression createExpression (in DOMString expression, in nsIDOMXPathNSResolver resolver) raises (XPathException, DOMException)
nsIDOMXPathNSResolver createNSResolver (in nsIDOMNode nodeResolver)
nsISupports evaluate (in DOMString expression, in nsIDOMNode contextNode, in nsIDOMXPathNSResolver resolver, in unsigned short type, in nsISupports result) raises (XPathException, DOMException)

Member Function Documentation

nsIDOMXPathExpression nsIDOMXPathEvaluator::createExpression ( in DOMString  expression,
in nsIDOMXPathNSResolver  resolver 
) raises (XPathException, DOMException)
nsIDOMXPathNSResolver nsIDOMXPathEvaluator::createNSResolver ( in nsIDOMNode  nodeResolver  ) 
nsISupports nsIDOMXPathEvaluator::evaluate ( in DOMString  expression,
in nsIDOMNode  contextNode,
in nsIDOMXPathNSResolver  resolver,
in unsigned short  type,
in nsISupports  result 
) raises (XPathException, DOMException)

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