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nsIDOMTreeWalker Interface Reference

import "nsIDOMTreeWalker.idl";

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Public Member Functions

nsIDOMNode parentNode ()
nsIDOMNode firstChild ()
nsIDOMNode lastChild ()
nsIDOMNode previousSibling ()
nsIDOMNode nextSibling ()
nsIDOMNode previousNode ()
nsIDOMNode nextNode ()

Public Attributes

readonly attribute nsIDOMNode root
readonly attribute unsigned long whatToShow
readonly attribute nsIDOMNodeFilter filter
readonly attribute boolean expandEntityReferences
attribute nsIDOMNode currentNode

Member Function Documentation

nsIDOMNode nsIDOMTreeWalker::firstChild (  ) 
nsIDOMNode nsIDOMTreeWalker::lastChild (  ) 
nsIDOMNode nsIDOMTreeWalker::nextNode (  ) 
nsIDOMNode nsIDOMTreeWalker::nextSibling (  ) 
nsIDOMNode nsIDOMTreeWalker::parentNode (  ) 
nsIDOMNode nsIDOMTreeWalker::previousNode (  ) 
nsIDOMNode nsIDOMTreeWalker::previousSibling (  ) 

Member Data Documentation

readonly attribute nsIDOMNode nsIDOMTreeWalker::root
readonly attribute unsigned long nsIDOMTreeWalker::whatToShow

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