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nsIDOMTransitionEvent Interface Reference

Transition events are defined in: More...

import "nsIDOMTransitionEvent.idl";

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Public Member Functions

void initTransitionEvent (in DOMString typeArg, in boolean canBubbleArg, in boolean cancelableArg, in DOMString propertyNameArg, in float elapsedTimeArg)

Public Attributes

readonly attribute DOMString propertyName
readonly attribute float elapsedTime

Detailed Description

Transition events are defined in:

Member Function Documentation

void nsIDOMTransitionEvent::initTransitionEvent ( in DOMString  typeArg,
in boolean  canBubbleArg,
in boolean  cancelableArg,
in DOMString  propertyNameArg,
in float  elapsedTimeArg 

Member Data Documentation

readonly attribute float nsIDOMTransitionEvent::elapsedTime
readonly attribute DOMString nsIDOMTransitionEvent::propertyName

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