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nsIDOMSVGTransform Interface Reference

import "nsIDOMSVGTransform.idl";

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Public Member Functions

void setMatrix (in nsIDOMSVGMatrix matrix)
void setTranslate (in float tx, in float ty)
void setScale (in float sx, in float sy)
void setRotate (in float angle, in float cx, in float cy)
void setSkewX (in float angle)
void setSkewY (in float angle)

Public Attributes

const unsigned short SVG_TRANSFORM_UNKNOWN = 0
const unsigned short SVG_TRANSFORM_MATRIX = 1
const unsigned short SVG_TRANSFORM_TRANSLATE = 2
const unsigned short SVG_TRANSFORM_SCALE = 3
const unsigned short SVG_TRANSFORM_ROTATE = 4
const unsigned short SVG_TRANSFORM_SKEWX = 5
const unsigned short SVG_TRANSFORM_SKEWY = 6
readonly attribute unsigned short type
readonly attribute nsIDOMSVGMatrix matrix
readonly attribute float angle

Member Function Documentation

void nsIDOMSVGTransform::setMatrix ( in nsIDOMSVGMatrix  matrix  ) 
void nsIDOMSVGTransform::setRotate ( in float  angle,
in float  cx,
in float  cy 
void nsIDOMSVGTransform::setScale ( in float  sx,
in float  sy 
void nsIDOMSVGTransform::setSkewX ( in float  angle  ) 
void nsIDOMSVGTransform::setSkewY ( in float  angle  ) 
void nsIDOMSVGTransform::setTranslate ( in float  tx,
in float  ty 

Member Data Documentation

readonly attribute float nsIDOMSVGTransform::angle
const unsigned short nsIDOMSVGTransform::SVG_TRANSFORM_MATRIX = 1
const unsigned short nsIDOMSVGTransform::SVG_TRANSFORM_ROTATE = 4
const unsigned short nsIDOMSVGTransform::SVG_TRANSFORM_SCALE = 3
const unsigned short nsIDOMSVGTransform::SVG_TRANSFORM_SKEWX = 5
const unsigned short nsIDOMSVGTransform::SVG_TRANSFORM_SKEWY = 6
readonly attribute unsigned short nsIDOMSVGTransform::type

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