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nsIDOMSVGSVGElement Interface Reference

import "nsIDOMSVGSVGElement.idl";

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Public Member Functions

unsigned long suspendRedraw (in unsigned long max_wait_milliseconds)
void unsuspendRedraw (in unsigned long suspend_handle_id)
void unsuspendRedrawAll ()
void forceRedraw ()
void pauseAnimations ()
void unpauseAnimations ()
boolean animationsPaused ()
float getCurrentTime ()
void setCurrentTime (in float seconds)
nsIDOMNodeList getIntersectionList (in nsIDOMSVGRect rect, in nsIDOMSVGElement referenceElement)
nsIDOMNodeList getEnclosureList (in nsIDOMSVGRect rect, in nsIDOMSVGElement referenceElement)
boolean checkIntersection (in nsIDOMSVGElement element, in nsIDOMSVGRect rect)
boolean checkEnclosure (in nsIDOMSVGElement element, in nsIDOMSVGRect rect)
void deSelectAll ()
nsIDOMSVGNumber createSVGNumber ()
nsIDOMSVGLength createSVGLength ()
nsIDOMSVGAngle createSVGAngle ()
nsIDOMSVGPoint createSVGPoint ()
nsIDOMSVGMatrix createSVGMatrix ()
nsIDOMSVGRect createSVGRect ()
nsIDOMSVGTransform createSVGTransform ()
nsIDOMSVGTransform createSVGTransformFromMatrix (in nsIDOMSVGMatrix matrix)
nsIDOMElement getElementById (in DOMString elementId)

Public Attributes

readonly attribute
readonly attribute
readonly attribute
readonly attribute
attribute DOMString contentScriptType
attribute DOMString contentStyleType
readonly attribute nsIDOMSVGRect viewport
readonly attribute float pixelUnitToMillimeterX
readonly attribute float pixelUnitToMillimeterY
readonly attribute float screenPixelToMillimeterX
readonly attribute float screenPixelToMillimeterY
attribute boolean useCurrentView
readonly attribute
attribute float currentScale
readonly attribute nsIDOMSVGPoint currentTranslate

Member Function Documentation

boolean nsIDOMSVGSVGElement::animationsPaused (  ) 
boolean nsIDOMSVGSVGElement::checkEnclosure ( in nsIDOMSVGElement  element,
in nsIDOMSVGRect  rect 
boolean nsIDOMSVGSVGElement::checkIntersection ( in nsIDOMSVGElement  element,
in nsIDOMSVGRect  rect 
nsIDOMSVGAngle nsIDOMSVGSVGElement::createSVGAngle (  ) 
nsIDOMSVGLength nsIDOMSVGSVGElement::createSVGLength (  ) 
nsIDOMSVGMatrix nsIDOMSVGSVGElement::createSVGMatrix (  ) 
nsIDOMSVGNumber nsIDOMSVGSVGElement::createSVGNumber (  ) 
nsIDOMSVGPoint nsIDOMSVGSVGElement::createSVGPoint (  ) 
nsIDOMSVGRect nsIDOMSVGSVGElement::createSVGRect (  ) 
nsIDOMSVGTransform nsIDOMSVGSVGElement::createSVGTransform (  ) 
nsIDOMSVGTransform nsIDOMSVGSVGElement::createSVGTransformFromMatrix ( in nsIDOMSVGMatrix  matrix  ) 
void nsIDOMSVGSVGElement::deSelectAll (  ) 
void nsIDOMSVGSVGElement::forceRedraw (  ) 
float nsIDOMSVGSVGElement::getCurrentTime (  ) 
nsIDOMElement nsIDOMSVGSVGElement::getElementById ( in DOMString  elementId  ) 
nsIDOMNodeList nsIDOMSVGSVGElement::getEnclosureList ( in nsIDOMSVGRect  rect,
in nsIDOMSVGElement  referenceElement 
nsIDOMNodeList nsIDOMSVGSVGElement::getIntersectionList ( in nsIDOMSVGRect  rect,
in nsIDOMSVGElement  referenceElement 
void nsIDOMSVGSVGElement::pauseAnimations (  ) 
void nsIDOMSVGSVGElement::setCurrentTime ( in float  seconds  ) 
unsigned long nsIDOMSVGSVGElement::suspendRedraw ( in unsigned long  max_wait_milliseconds  ) 
void nsIDOMSVGSVGElement::unpauseAnimations (  ) 
void nsIDOMSVGSVGElement::unsuspendRedraw ( in unsigned long  suspend_handle_id  ) 
void nsIDOMSVGSVGElement::unsuspendRedrawAll (  ) 

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