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nsIDOMSVGAngle Interface Reference

The nsIDOMSVGAngle interface is the interface to an SVG angle. More...

import "nsIDOMSVGAngle.idl";

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Public Member Functions

void newValueSpecifiedUnits (in unsigned short unitType, in float valueInSpecifiedUnits)
void convertToSpecifiedUnits (in unsigned short unitType)

Public Attributes

const unsigned short SVG_ANGLETYPE_UNKNOWN = 0
const unsigned short SVG_ANGLETYPE_UNSPECIFIED = 1
const unsigned short SVG_ANGLETYPE_DEG = 2
const unsigned short SVG_ANGLETYPE_RAD = 3
const unsigned short SVG_ANGLETYPE_GRAD = 4
readonly attribute unsigned short unitType
attribute float value
attribute float valueInSpecifiedUnits
attribute DOMString valueAsString

Detailed Description

The nsIDOMSVGAngle interface is the interface to an SVG angle.

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Member Function Documentation

void nsIDOMSVGAngle::convertToSpecifiedUnits ( in unsigned short  unitType  ) 
void nsIDOMSVGAngle::newValueSpecifiedUnits ( in unsigned short  unitType,
in float  valueInSpecifiedUnits 

Member Data Documentation

const unsigned short nsIDOMSVGAngle::SVG_ANGLETYPE_DEG = 2
const unsigned short nsIDOMSVGAngle::SVG_ANGLETYPE_GRAD = 4
const unsigned short nsIDOMSVGAngle::SVG_ANGLETYPE_RAD = 3
const unsigned short nsIDOMSVGAngle::SVG_ANGLETYPE_UNKNOWN = 0
readonly attribute unsigned short nsIDOMSVGAngle::unitType
attribute float nsIDOMSVGAngle::value
attribute DOMString nsIDOMSVGAngle::valueAsString

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