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nsIDOMNameList Interface Reference

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import "nsIDOMNameList.idl";

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

DOMString getName (in unsigned long index) raises (DOMException)
DOMString getNamespaceURI (in unsigned long index) raises (DOMException)
boolean contains (in DOMString str)
boolean containsNS (in DOMString namespaceURI, in DOMString name)

Public Attributes

readonly attribute unsigned long length

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

boolean nsIDOMNameList::contains ( in DOMString  str  ) 
boolean nsIDOMNameList::containsNS ( in DOMString  namespaceURI,
in DOMString  name 
DOMString nsIDOMNameList::getName ( in unsigned long  index  )  raises (DOMException)
DOMString nsIDOMNameList::getNamespaceURI ( in unsigned long  index  )  raises (DOMException)

Member Data Documentation

readonly attribute unsigned long nsIDOMNameList::length

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