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nsIDOMNSHTMLInputElement Interface Reference

import "nsIDOMNSHTMLInputElement.idl";

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Public Member Functions

void mozGetFileNameArray ([optional] out unsigned long aLength,[array, size_is(aLength), retval] out wstring aFileNames)
void mozSetFileNameArray ([array, size_is(aLength)] in wstring aFileNames, in unsigned long aLength)
void setSelectionRange (in long selectionStart, in long selectionEnd)

Public Attributes

readonly attribute nsIControllers controllers
readonly attribute long textLength
attribute long selectionStart
attribute long selectionEnd
readonly attribute nsIDOMFileList files
attribute boolean indeterminate
attribute boolean multiple

Member Function Documentation

void nsIDOMNSHTMLInputElement::mozGetFileNameArray ( [optional] out unsigned long  aLength,
[array, size_is(aLength), retval] out wstring  aFileNames 
void nsIDOMNSHTMLInputElement::mozSetFileNameArray ( [array, size_is(aLength)] in wstring  aFileNames,
in unsigned long  aLength 
void nsIDOMNSHTMLInputElement::setSelectionRange ( in long  selectionStart,
in long  selectionEnd 

Member Data Documentation

readonly attribute long nsIDOMNSHTMLInputElement::textLength

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