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nsIDOMNSHTMLElement Interface Reference

import "nsIDOMNSHTMLElement.idl";

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Public Member Functions

void blur ()
void focus ()
void scrollIntoView ([optional] in boolean top)

Public Attributes

readonly attribute long offsetTop
readonly attribute long offsetLeft
readonly attribute long offsetWidth
readonly attribute long offsetHeight
readonly attribute nsIDOMElement offsetParent
attribute DOMString innerHTML
attribute long tabIndex
attribute DOMString contentEditable
attribute boolean draggable
attribute boolean spellcheck

Member Function Documentation

void nsIDOMNSHTMLElement::blur (  ) 
void nsIDOMNSHTMLElement::focus (  ) 
void nsIDOMNSHTMLElement::scrollIntoView ( [optional] in boolean  top  ) 

Member Data Documentation

attribute DOMString nsIDOMNSHTMLElement::innerHTML
readonly attribute long nsIDOMNSHTMLElement::offsetHeight
readonly attribute long nsIDOMNSHTMLElement::offsetLeft
readonly attribute long nsIDOMNSHTMLElement::offsetTop
readonly attribute long nsIDOMNSHTMLElement::offsetWidth

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