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nsIDOMNSHTMLDocument Interface Reference

import "nsIDOMNSHTMLDocument.idl";

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Public Member Functions

DOMString getSelection ()
nsIDOMDocument open (in ACString aContentType, in boolean aReplace)
void clear ()
void captureEvents (in long eventFlags)
void releaseEvents (in long eventFlags)
void routeEvent (in nsIDOMEvent evt)
boolean execCommand (in DOMString commandID, in boolean doShowUI, in DOMString value)
boolean execCommandShowHelp (in DOMString commandID)
boolean queryCommandEnabled (in DOMString commandID)
boolean queryCommandIndeterm (in DOMString commandID)
boolean queryCommandState (in DOMString commandID)
boolean queryCommandSupported (in DOMString commandID)
DOMString queryCommandText (in DOMString commandID)
DOMString queryCommandValue (in DOMString commandID)

Public Attributes

readonly attribute long width
readonly attribute long height
attribute DOMString alinkColor
attribute DOMString linkColor
attribute DOMString vlinkColor
attribute DOMString bgColor
attribute DOMString fgColor
attribute DOMString domain
readonly attribute
readonly attribute DOMString compatMode
readonly attribute
attribute DOMString designMode
 Midas additions.

Member Function Documentation

void nsIDOMNSHTMLDocument::captureEvents ( in long  eventFlags  ) 
These are old Netscape 4 methods.

Do not use, the implementation is no-op.

void nsIDOMNSHTMLDocument::clear (  ) 
boolean nsIDOMNSHTMLDocument::execCommand ( in DOMString  commandID,
in boolean  doShowUI,
in DOMString  value 
boolean nsIDOMNSHTMLDocument::execCommandShowHelp ( in DOMString  commandID  ) 
DOMString nsIDOMNSHTMLDocument::getSelection (  ) 
nsIDOMDocument nsIDOMNSHTMLDocument::open ( in ACString  aContentType,
in boolean  aReplace 
boolean nsIDOMNSHTMLDocument::queryCommandEnabled ( in DOMString  commandID  ) 
boolean nsIDOMNSHTMLDocument::queryCommandIndeterm ( in DOMString  commandID  ) 
boolean nsIDOMNSHTMLDocument::queryCommandState ( in DOMString  commandID  ) 
boolean nsIDOMNSHTMLDocument::queryCommandSupported ( in DOMString  commandID  ) 
DOMString nsIDOMNSHTMLDocument::queryCommandText ( in DOMString  commandID  ) 
DOMString nsIDOMNSHTMLDocument::queryCommandValue ( in DOMString  commandID  ) 
void nsIDOMNSHTMLDocument::releaseEvents ( in long  eventFlags  ) 
void nsIDOMNSHTMLDocument::routeEvent ( in nsIDOMEvent  evt  ) 

Member Data Documentation

attribute DOMString nsIDOMNSHTMLDocument::alinkColor
attribute DOMString nsIDOMNSHTMLDocument::bgColor
readonly attribute DOMString nsIDOMNSHTMLDocument::compatMode
attribute DOMString nsIDOMNSHTMLDocument::designMode

Midas additions.

attribute DOMString nsIDOMNSHTMLDocument::domain
attribute DOMString nsIDOMNSHTMLDocument::fgColor
readonly attribute long nsIDOMNSHTMLDocument::height
attribute DOMString nsIDOMNSHTMLDocument::linkColor
attribute DOMString nsIDOMNSHTMLDocument::vlinkColor
readonly attribute long nsIDOMNSHTMLDocument::width

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