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nsIDOMLocation Interface Reference

import "nsIDOMLocation.idl";

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Public Member Functions

void reload ([optional] in boolean forceget)
void replace (in DOMString url)
void assign (in DOMString url)
DOMString toString ()

Public Attributes

attribute DOMString hash
 These properties refer to the current location of the document.
attribute DOMString host
attribute DOMString hostname
attribute DOMString href
attribute DOMString pathname
attribute DOMString port
attribute DOMString protocol
attribute DOMString search

Member Function Documentation

void nsIDOMLocation::assign ( in DOMString  url  ) 
void nsIDOMLocation::reload ( [optional] in boolean  forceget  ) 
void nsIDOMLocation::replace ( in DOMString  url  ) 
DOMString nsIDOMLocation::toString (  ) 

Member Data Documentation

attribute DOMString nsIDOMLocation::hash

These properties refer to the current location of the document.

This will correspond to the URI shown in the location bar, which can be different from the documentURI of the document.

attribute DOMString nsIDOMLocation::host
attribute DOMString nsIDOMLocation::hostname
attribute DOMString nsIDOMLocation::href
attribute DOMString nsIDOMLocation::pathname
attribute DOMString nsIDOMLocation::port
attribute DOMString nsIDOMLocation::protocol
attribute DOMString nsIDOMLocation::search

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