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nsIDOMLoadStatus Interface Reference

import "nsIDOMLoadStatus.idl";

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Public Attributes

readonly attribute nsIDOMNode source
readonly attribute DOMString uri
readonly attribute long totalSize
readonly attribute long loadedSize
readonly attribute unsigned short readyState
readonly attribute unsigned short status
const unsigned short UNINITIALIZED = 0
const unsigned short REQUESTED = 1
const unsigned short RECEIVING = 2
const unsigned short LOADED = 3

Member Data Documentation

const unsigned short nsIDOMLoadStatus::LOADED = 3
readonly attribute long nsIDOMLoadStatus::loadedSize
readonly attribute unsigned short nsIDOMLoadStatus::readyState
const unsigned short nsIDOMLoadStatus::RECEIVING = 2
const unsigned short nsIDOMLoadStatus::REQUESTED = 1
readonly attribute unsigned short nsIDOMLoadStatus::status
readonly attribute long nsIDOMLoadStatus::totalSize
const unsigned short nsIDOMLoadStatus::UNINITIALIZED = 0
readonly attribute DOMString nsIDOMLoadStatus::uri

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