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nsIDOMHTMLObjectElement Interface Reference

The nsIDOMHTMLObjectElement interface is the interface to a [X]HTML object element. More...

import "nsIDOMHTMLObjectElement.idl";

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Public Attributes

readonly attribute
attribute DOMString code
attribute DOMString align
attribute DOMString archive
attribute DOMString border
attribute DOMString codeBase
attribute DOMString codeType
attribute DOMString data
attribute boolean declare
attribute DOMString height
attribute long hspace
attribute DOMString name
attribute DOMString standby
attribute long tabIndex
attribute DOMString type
attribute DOMString useMap
attribute long vspace
attribute DOMString width
readonly attribute nsIDOMDocument contentDocument

Detailed Description

The nsIDOMHTMLObjectElement interface is the interface to a [X]HTML object element.

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Member Data Documentation

attribute DOMString nsIDOMHTMLObjectElement::align
attribute DOMString nsIDOMHTMLObjectElement::archive
attribute DOMString nsIDOMHTMLObjectElement::border
attribute DOMString nsIDOMHTMLObjectElement::code
attribute DOMString nsIDOMHTMLObjectElement::codeBase
attribute DOMString nsIDOMHTMLObjectElement::codeType
attribute DOMString nsIDOMHTMLObjectElement::data
attribute DOMString nsIDOMHTMLObjectElement::height
attribute DOMString nsIDOMHTMLObjectElement::name
attribute DOMString nsIDOMHTMLObjectElement::standby
attribute DOMString nsIDOMHTMLObjectElement::type
attribute DOMString nsIDOMHTMLObjectElement::useMap
attribute DOMString nsIDOMHTMLObjectElement::width

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