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nsIDOMHTMLInputElement Interface Reference

The nsIDOMHTMLInputElement interface is the interface to a [X]HTML input element. More...

import "nsIDOMHTMLInputElement.idl";

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Public Member Functions

void blur ()
void focus ()
void select ()
void click ()

Public Attributes

attribute DOMString defaultValue
attribute boolean defaultChecked
readonly attribute
attribute DOMString accept
attribute DOMString accessKey
attribute DOMString align
attribute DOMString alt
attribute boolean checked
attribute boolean disabled
attribute long maxLength
attribute DOMString name
attribute boolean readOnly
attribute unsigned long size
attribute DOMString src
attribute long tabIndex
attribute DOMString type
attribute DOMString useMap
attribute DOMString value

Detailed Description

The nsIDOMHTMLInputElement interface is the interface to a [X]HTML input element.

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Member Function Documentation

void nsIDOMHTMLInputElement::blur (  ) 
void nsIDOMHTMLInputElement::click (  ) 
void nsIDOMHTMLInputElement::focus (  ) 
void nsIDOMHTMLInputElement::select (  ) 

Member Data Documentation

attribute DOMString nsIDOMHTMLInputElement::accept
attribute DOMString nsIDOMHTMLInputElement::accessKey
attribute DOMString nsIDOMHTMLInputElement::align
attribute DOMString nsIDOMHTMLInputElement::alt
attribute DOMString nsIDOMHTMLInputElement::name
attribute unsigned long nsIDOMHTMLInputElement::size
attribute DOMString nsIDOMHTMLInputElement::src
attribute DOMString nsIDOMHTMLInputElement::type
attribute DOMString nsIDOMHTMLInputElement::useMap
attribute DOMString nsIDOMHTMLInputElement::value

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