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nsIDOMHTMLAnchorElement Interface Reference

The nsIDOMHTMLAnchorElement interface is the interface to a [X]HTML a element. More...

import "nsIDOMHTMLAnchorElement.idl";

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Public Member Functions

void blur ()
void focus ()

Public Attributes

attribute DOMString accessKey
attribute DOMString charset
attribute DOMString coords
attribute DOMString href
attribute DOMString hreflang
attribute DOMString name
attribute DOMString rel
attribute DOMString rev
attribute DOMString shape
attribute long tabIndex
attribute DOMString target
attribute DOMString type

Detailed Description

The nsIDOMHTMLAnchorElement interface is the interface to a [X]HTML a element.

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Member Function Documentation

void nsIDOMHTMLAnchorElement::blur (  ) 
void nsIDOMHTMLAnchorElement::focus (  ) 

Member Data Documentation

attribute DOMString nsIDOMHTMLAnchorElement::charset
attribute DOMString nsIDOMHTMLAnchorElement::coords
attribute DOMString nsIDOMHTMLAnchorElement::href
attribute DOMString nsIDOMHTMLAnchorElement::hreflang
attribute DOMString nsIDOMHTMLAnchorElement::name
attribute DOMString nsIDOMHTMLAnchorElement::rel
attribute DOMString nsIDOMHTMLAnchorElement::rev
attribute DOMString nsIDOMHTMLAnchorElement::shape
attribute DOMString nsIDOMHTMLAnchorElement::target
attribute DOMString nsIDOMHTMLAnchorElement::type

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