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nsIDOMFileReader Interface Reference

import "nsIDOMFileReader.idl";

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Public Member Functions

void readAsBinaryString (in nsIDOMFile filedata)
void readAsText (in nsIDOMFile filedata,[optional] in DOMString encoding)
void readAsDataURL (in nsIDOMFile file)
void abort ()

Public Attributes

const unsigned short EMPTY = 0
const unsigned short LOADING = 1
const unsigned short DONE = 2
readonly attribute unsigned short readyState
readonly attribute DOMString result
readonly attribute nsIDOMFileError error
attribute nsIDOMEventListener onloadend

Member Function Documentation

void nsIDOMFileReader::abort (  ) 
void nsIDOMFileReader::readAsBinaryString ( in nsIDOMFile  filedata  ) 
void nsIDOMFileReader::readAsDataURL ( in nsIDOMFile  file  ) 
void nsIDOMFileReader::readAsText ( in nsIDOMFile  filedata,
[optional] in DOMString  encoding 

Member Data Documentation

const unsigned short nsIDOMFileReader::DONE = 2
const unsigned short nsIDOMFileReader::EMPTY = 0
const unsigned short nsIDOMFileReader::LOADING = 1
readonly attribute unsigned short nsIDOMFileReader::readyState
readonly attribute DOMString nsIDOMFileReader::result

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