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nsIDOMCrypto Interface Reference

import "nsIDOMCrypto.idl";

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Public Member Functions

nsIDOMCRMFObject generateCRMFRequest ()
DOMString importUserCertificates (in DOMString nickname, in DOMString cmmfResponse, in boolean doForcedBackup)
DOMString popChallengeResponse (in DOMString challenge)
DOMString random (in long numBytes)
DOMString signText (in DOMString stringToSign, in DOMString caOption)
void logout ()
void disableRightClick ()

Public Attributes

readonly attribute DOMString version
attribute boolean enableSmartCardEvents

Member Function Documentation

void nsIDOMCrypto::disableRightClick (  ) 
nsIDOMCRMFObject nsIDOMCrypto::generateCRMFRequest (  ) 
DOMString nsIDOMCrypto::importUserCertificates ( in DOMString  nickname,
in DOMString  cmmfResponse,
in boolean  doForcedBackup 
void nsIDOMCrypto::logout (  ) 
DOMString nsIDOMCrypto::popChallengeResponse ( in DOMString  challenge  ) 
DOMString nsIDOMCrypto::random ( in long  numBytes  ) 
DOMString nsIDOMCrypto::signText ( in DOMString  stringToSign,
in DOMString  caOption 

Member Data Documentation

readonly attribute DOMString nsIDOMCrypto::version

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