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nsIDOM3TypeInfo Interface Reference

import "nsIDOM3TypeInfo.idl";

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Public Member Functions

boolean isDerivedFrom (in DOMString typeNamespaceArg, in DOMString typeNameArg, in unsigned long derivationMethod)

Public Attributes

readonly attribute DOMString typeName
readonly attribute DOMString typeNamespace
const unsigned long DERIVATION_RESTRICTION = 0x00000001
const unsigned long DERIVATION_EXTENSION = 0x00000002
const unsigned long DERIVATION_UNION = 0x00000004
const unsigned long DERIVATION_LIST = 0x00000008

Member Function Documentation

boolean nsIDOM3TypeInfo::isDerivedFrom ( in DOMString  typeNamespaceArg,
in DOMString  typeNameArg,
in unsigned long  derivationMethod 

Member Data Documentation

const unsigned long nsIDOM3TypeInfo::DERIVATION_EXTENSION = 0x00000002
const unsigned long nsIDOM3TypeInfo::DERIVATION_LIST = 0x00000008
const unsigned long nsIDOM3TypeInfo::DERIVATION_RESTRICTION = 0x00000001
const unsigned long nsIDOM3TypeInfo::DERIVATION_UNION = 0x00000004
readonly attribute DOMString nsIDOM3TypeInfo::typeName
readonly attribute DOMString nsIDOM3TypeInfo::typeNamespace

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