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nsIDOM3Node Interface Reference

import "nsIDOM3Node.idl";

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Public Member Functions

unsigned short compareDocumentPosition (in nsIDOMNode other) raises (DOMException)
boolean isSameNode (in nsIDOMNode other)
DOMString lookupPrefix (in DOMString namespaceURI)
boolean isDefaultNamespace (in DOMString namespaceURI)
DOMString lookupNamespaceURI (in DOMString prefix)
boolean isEqualNode (in nsIDOMNode arg)
nsISupports getFeature (in DOMString feature, in DOMString version)
nsIVariant setUserData (in DOMString key, in nsIVariant data, in nsIDOMUserDataHandler handler)
nsIVariant getUserData (in DOMString key)

Public Attributes

readonly attribute DOMString baseURI
const unsigned short DOCUMENT_POSITION_DISCONNECTED = 0x01
const unsigned short DOCUMENT_POSITION_PRECEDING = 0x02
const unsigned short DOCUMENT_POSITION_FOLLOWING = 0x04
const unsigned short DOCUMENT_POSITION_CONTAINS = 0x08
const unsigned short DOCUMENT_POSITION_CONTAINED_BY = 0x10
attribute DOMString textContent

Member Function Documentation

unsigned short nsIDOM3Node::compareDocumentPosition ( in nsIDOMNode  other  )  raises (DOMException)
nsISupports nsIDOM3Node::getFeature ( in DOMString  feature,
in DOMString  version 
nsIVariant nsIDOM3Node::getUserData ( in DOMString  key  ) 
boolean nsIDOM3Node::isDefaultNamespace ( in DOMString  namespaceURI  ) 
boolean nsIDOM3Node::isEqualNode ( in nsIDOMNode  arg  ) 
boolean nsIDOM3Node::isSameNode ( in nsIDOMNode  other  ) 
DOMString nsIDOM3Node::lookupNamespaceURI ( in DOMString  prefix  ) 
DOMString nsIDOM3Node::lookupPrefix ( in DOMString  namespaceURI  ) 
nsIVariant nsIDOM3Node::setUserData ( in DOMString  key,
in nsIVariant  data,
in nsIDOMUserDataHandler  handler 

Member Data Documentation

readonly attribute DOMString nsIDOM3Node::baseURI
const unsigned short nsIDOM3Node::DOCUMENT_POSITION_CONTAINED_BY = 0x10
const unsigned short nsIDOM3Node::DOCUMENT_POSITION_CONTAINS = 0x08
const unsigned short nsIDOM3Node::DOCUMENT_POSITION_DISCONNECTED = 0x01
const unsigned short nsIDOM3Node::DOCUMENT_POSITION_FOLLOWING = 0x04
const unsigned short nsIDOM3Node::DOCUMENT_POSITION_PRECEDING = 0x02
attribute DOMString nsIDOM3Node::textContent

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