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nsICopyMessageStreamListener Interface Reference

import "nsICopyMsgStreamListener.idl";

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Public Member Functions

void Init (in nsIMsgFolder srcFolder, in nsICopyMessageListener destination, in nsISupports listenerData)
void StartMessage ()
void EndMessage (in nsMsgKey key)
void EndCopy (in nsISupports url, in nsresult aStatus)

Member Function Documentation

void nsICopyMessageStreamListener::EndCopy ( in nsISupports  url,
in nsresult  aStatus 
void nsICopyMessageStreamListener::EndMessage ( in nsMsgKey  key  ) 
void nsICopyMessageStreamListener::Init ( in nsIMsgFolder  srcFolder,
in nsICopyMessageListener  destination,
in nsISupports  listenerData 
void nsICopyMessageStreamListener::StartMessage (  ) 

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