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nsIConverterInputStream Interface Reference

A unichar input stream that wraps an input stream. More...

import "nsIConverterInputStream.idl";

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Public Member Functions

void init (in nsIInputStream aStream, in string aCharset, in long aBufferSize, in PRUnichar aReplacementChar)
 Initialize this stream.

Public Attributes

 Default replacement char value, U+FFFD REPLACEMENT CHARACTER.

Detailed Description

A unichar input stream that wraps an input stream.

This allows reading unicode strings from a stream, automatically converting the bytes from a selected character encoding.

Member Function Documentation

void nsIConverterInputStream::init ( in nsIInputStream  aStream,
in string  aCharset,
in long  aBufferSize,
in PRUnichar  aReplacementChar 

Initialize this stream.

aStream The underlying stream to read from.
aCharset The character encoding to use for converting the bytes of the stream. A null charset will be interpreted as UTF-8.
aBufferSize How many bytes to buffer.
aReplacementChar The character to replace unknown byte sequences in the stream with. The standard replacement character is U+FFFD. A value of 0x0000 will cause an exception to be thrown if unknown byte sequences are encountered in the stream.

Member Data Documentation

Default replacement char value, U+FFFD REPLACEMENT CHARACTER.

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