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nsIControllers Interface Reference

import "nsIControllers.idl";

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Public Member Functions

nsIController getControllerForCommand (in string command)
void insertControllerAt (in unsigned long index, in nsIController controller)
nsIController removeControllerAt (in unsigned long index)
nsIController getControllerAt (in unsigned long index)
void appendController (in nsIController controller)
void removeController (in nsIController controller)
unsigned long getControllerId (in nsIController controller)
nsIController getControllerById (in unsigned long controllerID)
unsigned long getControllerCount ()

Member Function Documentation

void nsIControllers::appendController ( in nsIController  controller  ) 
nsIController nsIControllers::getControllerAt ( in unsigned long  index  ) 
nsIController nsIControllers::getControllerById ( in unsigned long  controllerID  ) 
unsigned long nsIControllers::getControllerCount (  ) 
nsIController nsIControllers::getControllerForCommand ( in string  command  ) 
unsigned long nsIControllers::getControllerId ( in nsIController  controller  ) 
void nsIControllers::insertControllerAt ( in unsigned long  index,
in nsIController  controller 
void nsIControllers::removeController ( in nsIController  controller  ) 
nsIController nsIControllers::removeControllerAt ( in unsigned long  index  ) 

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