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nsIContentViewerFile Interface Reference

The nsIDocShellFile. More...

import "nsIContentViewerFile.idl";

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Public Member Functions

void print (in boolean aSilent, in FILE aDebugFile, in nsIPrintSettings aPrintSettings)
void printWithParent (in nsIDOMWindowInternal aParentWin, in nsIPrintSettings aThePrintSettings, in nsIWebProgressListener aWPListener)

Public Attributes

readonly attribute boolean printable

Detailed Description

The nsIDocShellFile.

Member Function Documentation

void nsIContentViewerFile::print ( in boolean  aSilent,
in FILE  aDebugFile,
in nsIPrintSettings  aPrintSettings 
void nsIContentViewerFile::printWithParent ( in nsIDOMWindowInternal  aParentWin,
in nsIPrintSettings  aThePrintSettings,
in nsIWebProgressListener  aWPListener 

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