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nsIContentViewerEdit Interface Reference

import "nsIContentViewerEdit.idl";

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Public Member Functions

void search ()
void clearSelection ()
void selectAll ()
void copySelection ()
void copyLinkLocation ()
void copyImage (in long aCopyFlags)
void cutSelection ()
void paste ()
AString getContents (in string aMimeType, in boolean aSelectionOnly)

Public Attributes

readonly attribute boolean searchable
readonly attribute boolean copyable
readonly attribute boolean inLink
const long COPY_IMAGE_TEXT = 0x0001
const long COPY_IMAGE_HTML = 0x0002
const long COPY_IMAGE_DATA = 0x0004
const long COPY_IMAGE_ALL = -1
readonly attribute boolean inImage
readonly attribute boolean cutable
readonly attribute boolean pasteable
readonly attribute boolean canGetContents

Member Function Documentation

void nsIContentViewerEdit::clearSelection (  ) 
void nsIContentViewerEdit::copyImage ( in long  aCopyFlags  ) 
void nsIContentViewerEdit::copyLinkLocation (  ) 
void nsIContentViewerEdit::copySelection (  ) 
void nsIContentViewerEdit::cutSelection (  ) 
AString nsIContentViewerEdit::getContents ( in string  aMimeType,
in boolean  aSelectionOnly 
void nsIContentViewerEdit::paste (  ) 
void nsIContentViewerEdit::search (  ) 
void nsIContentViewerEdit::selectAll (  ) 

Member Data Documentation

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