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nsIContentSniffer Interface Reference

Content sniffer interface. More...

import "nsIContentSniffer.idl";

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ACString getMIMETypeFromContent (in nsIRequest aRequest,[const, array, size_is(aLength)] in octet aData, in unsigned long aLength)
 Given a chunk of data, determines a MIME type.

Detailed Description

Content sniffer interface.

Components implementing this interface can determine a MIME type from a chunk of bytes.

Member Function Documentation

ACString nsIContentSniffer::getMIMETypeFromContent ( in nsIRequest  aRequest,
[const, array, size_is(aLength)] in octet  aData,
in unsigned long  aLength 

Given a chunk of data, determines a MIME type.

Information from the given request may be used in order to make a better decision.

aRequest The request where this data came from. May be null.
aData Data to check
aLength Length of the data
The content type
NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE if no MIME type could be determined.
Implementations should consider the request read-only. Especially, they should not attempt to set the content type property that subclasses of nsIRequest might offer.

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