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nsICommandParams Interface Reference

import "nsICommandParams.idl";

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Public Member Functions

short getValueType (in string name)
boolean getBooleanValue (in string name)
long getLongValue (in string name)
double getDoubleValue (in string name)
AString getStringValue (in string name)
string getCStringValue (in string name)
nsISupports getISupportsValue (in string name)
void setBooleanValue (in string name, in boolean value)
void setLongValue (in string name, in long value)
void setDoubleValue (in string name, in double value)
void setStringValue (in string name, in AString value)
void setCStringValue (in string name, in string value)
void setISupportsValue (in string name, in nsISupports value)
void removeValue (in string name)
boolean hasMoreElements ()
void first ()
string getNext ()

Public Attributes

const short eNoType = 0
const short eBooleanType = 1
const short eLongType = 2
const short eDoubleType = 3
const short eWStringType = 4
const short eISupportsType = 5
const short eStringType = 6

Member Function Documentation

void nsICommandParams::first (  ) 
boolean nsICommandParams::getBooleanValue ( in string  name  ) 
string nsICommandParams::getCStringValue ( in string  name  ) 
double nsICommandParams::getDoubleValue ( in string  name  ) 
nsISupports nsICommandParams::getISupportsValue ( in string  name  ) 
long nsICommandParams::getLongValue ( in string  name  ) 
string nsICommandParams::getNext (  ) 


string pointer that will be allocated and is up to the caller to free
AString nsICommandParams::getStringValue ( in string  name  ) 
short nsICommandParams::getValueType ( in string  name  ) 
boolean nsICommandParams::hasMoreElements (  ) 
void nsICommandParams::removeValue ( in string  name  ) 
void nsICommandParams::setBooleanValue ( in string  name,
in boolean  value 
void nsICommandParams::setCStringValue ( in string  name,
in string  value 
void nsICommandParams::setDoubleValue ( in string  name,
in double  value 
void nsICommandParams::setISupportsValue ( in string  name,
in nsISupports  value 
void nsICommandParams::setLongValue ( in string  name,
in long  value 
void nsICommandParams::setStringValue ( in string  name,
in AString  value 

Member Data Documentation

const short nsICommandParams::eLongType = 2
const short nsICommandParams::eNoType = 0

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