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nsICollation Interface Reference

import "nsICollation.idl";

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Public Member Functions

void initialize (in nsILocale locale)
long compareString (in long strength, in AString string1, in AString string2)
void allocateRawSortKey (in long strength, in AString stringIn,[array, size_is(outLen)] out octet key, out unsigned long outLen)
long compareRawSortKey ([const, array, size_is(len1)] in octet key1, in unsigned long len1,[const, array, size_is(len2)] in octet key2, in unsigned long len2)

Public Attributes

const long kCollationStrengthDefault = 0
const long kCollationCaseInsensitiveAscii = 1
const long kCollationAccentInsenstive = 2
const long kCollationCaseSensitive = kCollationStrengthDefault
const long kCollationCaseInSensitive = (kCollationCaseInsensitiveAscii | kCollationAccentInsenstive)

Member Function Documentation

void nsICollation::allocateRawSortKey ( in long  strength,
in AString  stringIn,
[array, size_is(outLen)] out octet  key,
out unsigned long  outLen 
long nsICollation::compareRawSortKey ( [const, array, size_is(len1)] in octet  key1,
in unsigned long  len1,
[const, array, size_is(len2)] in octet  key2,
in unsigned long  len2 
long nsICollation::compareString ( in long  strength,
in AString  string1,
in AString  string2 
void nsICollation::initialize ( in nsILocale  locale  ) 

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