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nsICiter Interface Reference

Handle plaintext citations, as in mail quoting. More...

import "nsICiter.idl";

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Public Member Functions

DOMString GetCiteString (in DOMString aInString)
DOMString StripCites (in DOMString aInString)
DOMString Rewrap (in DOMString aInString, in unsigned long aWrapCol, in unsigned long aFirstLineOffset, in boolean aRespectNewlines)

Detailed Description

Handle plaintext citations, as in mail quoting.

Used by the editor but not dependant on it.

Member Function Documentation

DOMString nsICiter::GetCiteString ( in DOMString  aInString  ) 
DOMString nsICiter::Rewrap ( in DOMString  aInString,
in unsigned long  aWrapCol,
in unsigned long  aFirstLineOffset,
in boolean  aRespectNewlines 
DOMString nsICiter::StripCites ( in DOMString  aInString  ) 

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