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nsICertVerificationResult Interface Reference

import "nsIX509Cert3.idl";

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void getUsagesArrayResult (out PRUint32 verified, out PRUint32 count,[array, size_is(count)] out wstring usages)
 This interface reflects a container of verification results.

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void nsICertVerificationResult::getUsagesArrayResult ( out PRUint32  verified,
out PRUint32  count,
[array, size_is(count)] out wstring  usages 

This interface reflects a container of verification results.

Call will not block.

Obtain an array of human readable strings describing the certificate's certified usages.

Mirrors the results produced by nsIX509Cert::getUsagesArray()

As of today, this function is a one-shot object, only the first call will succeed. This allows an optimization in the implementation, ownership of result data will be transfered to caller.

cert The certificate that was verified.
verified The certificate verification result, see constants in nsIX509Cert.
count The number of human readable usages returned.
usages The array of human readable usages.

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