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nsICertTree Interface Reference

import "nsICertTree.idl";

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Public Member Functions

void loadCerts (in unsigned long type)
void loadCertsFromCache (in nsINSSCertCache cache, in unsigned long type)
nsIX509Cert getCert (in unsigned long index)
nsICertTreeItem getTreeItem (in unsigned long index)
boolean isHostPortOverride (in unsigned long index)
void deleteEntryObject (in unsigned long index)

Member Function Documentation

void nsICertTree::deleteEntryObject ( in unsigned long  index  ) 
nsIX509Cert nsICertTree::getCert ( in unsigned long  index  ) 
nsICertTreeItem nsICertTree::getTreeItem ( in unsigned long  index  ) 
boolean nsICertTree::isHostPortOverride ( in unsigned long  index  ) 
void nsICertTree::loadCerts ( in unsigned long  type  ) 
void nsICertTree::loadCertsFromCache ( in nsINSSCertCache  cache,
in unsigned long  type 

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