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nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL Interface Reference

import "nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL.idl";

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Public Member Functions

nsIWebGLFloatArray createFloatArray ()
nsIWebGLByteArray createByteArray ()
nsIWebGLUnsignedByteArray createUnsignedByteArray ()
nsIWebGLShortArray createShortArray ()
nsIWebGLUnsignedShortArray createUnsignedShortArray ()
nsIWebGLIntArray createIntArray ()
nsIWebGLUnsignedIntArray createUnsignedIntArray ()
void present ()
long sizeInBytes (in GLenum type)
void activeTexture (in GLenum texture)
void attachShader (in nsIWebGLProgram program, in nsIWebGLShader shader)
void bindAttribLocation (in nsIWebGLProgram program, in GLuint index, in DOMString name)
void bindBuffer (in GLenum target, in nsIWebGLBuffer buffer)
void bindFramebuffer (in GLenum target, in nsIWebGLFramebuffer framebuffer)
void bindRenderbuffer (in GLenum target, in nsIWebGLRenderbuffer renderbuffer)
void bindTexture (in GLenum target, in nsIWebGLTexture texture)
void blendColor (in GLclampf red, in GLclampf green, in GLclampf blue, in GLclampf alpha)
void blendEquation (in GLenum mode)
void blendEquationSeparate (in GLenum modeRGB, in GLenum modeAlpha)
void blendFunc (in GLenum sfactor, in GLenum dfactor)
void blendFuncSeparate (in GLenum srcRGB, in GLenum dstRGB, in GLenum srcAlpha, in GLenum dstAlpha)
void bufferData (in GLenum target)
void bufferSubData (in GLenum target, in GLsizeiptr offset)
GLenum checkFramebufferStatus (in GLenum target)
void clear (in GLbitfield mask)
void clearColor (in GLclampf red, in GLclampf green, in GLclampf blue, in GLclampf alpha)
void clearDepth (in GLclampf depth)
void clearStencil (in GLint s)
void colorMask (in GLboolean red, in GLboolean green, in GLboolean blue, in GLboolean alpha)
void compileShader (in nsIWebGLShader shader)
void copyTexImage2D (in GLenum target, in GLint level, in GLenum internalformat, in GLint x, in GLint y, in GLsizei width, in GLsizei height, in GLint border)
void copyTexSubImage2D (in GLenum target, in GLint level, in GLint xoffset, in GLint yoffset, in GLint x, in GLint y, in GLsizei width, in GLsizei height)
nsIWebGLBuffer createBuffer ()
nsIWebGLProgram createProgram ()
nsIWebGLFramebuffer createFramebuffer ()
nsIWebGLRenderbuffer createRenderbuffer ()
nsIWebGLShader createShader (in GLenum type)
nsIWebGLTexture createTexture ()
void cullFace (in GLenum mode)
void deleteBuffer (in nsIWebGLBuffer buffer)
void deleteProgram (in nsIWebGLProgram program)
void deleteFramebuffer (in nsIWebGLFramebuffer framebuffer)
void deleteRenderbuffer (in nsIWebGLRenderbuffer renderbuffer)
void deleteShader (in nsIWebGLShader shader)
void deleteTexture (in nsIWebGLTexture texture)
void depthFunc (in GLenum func)
void depthMask (in GLboolean flag)
void depthRange (in GLclampf zNear, in GLclampf zFar)
void detachShader (in nsIWebGLProgram program, in nsIWebGLShader shader)
void disable (in GLenum cap)
void disableVertexAttribArray (in GLuint index)
void drawArrays (in GLenum mode, in GLint first, in GLsizei count)
void drawElements (in GLenum mode, in GLuint count, in GLenum type, in GLuint offset)
void enable (in GLenum cap)
void enableVertexAttribArray (in GLuint index)
void finish ()
void flush ()
void framebufferRenderbuffer (in GLenum target, in GLenum attachment, in GLenum renderbuffertarget, in nsIWebGLRenderbuffer renderbuffer)
void framebufferTexture2D (in GLenum target, in GLenum attachment, in GLenum textarget, in nsIWebGLTexture texture, in GLint level)
void frontFace (in GLenum mode)
void generateMipmap (in GLenum target)
nsIWebGLActiveInfo getActiveAttrib (in nsIWebGLProgram program, in PRUint32 index)
nsIWebGLActiveInfo getActiveUniform (in nsIWebGLProgram program, in PRUint32 index)
GLint getAttribLocation (in nsIWebGLProgram program, in DOMString name)
void getParameter (in GLenum pname)
GLint getBufferParameteri (in GLenum target, in GLenum pname)
void getBufferParameter (in GLenum target, in GLenum pname)
GLenum getError ()
GLint getFramebufferAttachmentParameteri (in GLenum target, in GLenum attachment, in GLenum pname)
void getFramebufferAttachmentParameter (in GLenum target, in GLenum attachment, in GLenum pname)
GLint getProgrami (in nsIWebGLProgram program, in GLenum pname)
void getProgramParameter (in nsIWebGLProgram program, in GLenum pname)
DOMString getProgramInfoLog (in nsIWebGLProgram program)
GLint getRenderbufferParameteri (in GLenum target, in GLenum pname)
void getRenderbufferParameter (in GLenum target, in GLenum pname)
GLint getShaderi (in nsIWebGLShader shader, in GLenum pname)
void getShaderParameter (in nsIWebGLShader shader, in GLenum pname)
DOMString getShaderInfoLog (in nsIWebGLShader shader)
DOMString getShaderSource (in nsIWebGLShader shader)
DOMString getString (in GLenum name)
GLfloat getTexParameterf (in GLenum target, in GLenum pname)
GLint getTexParameteri (in GLenum target, in GLenum pname)
void getTexParameter (in GLenum target, in GLenum pname)
void getUniform (in nsIWebGLProgram program, in GLint location)
GLint getUniformLocation (in nsIWebGLProgram program, in DOMString name)
void getVertexAttrib (in GLuint index, in GLenum pname)
GLuint getVertexAttribOffset (in GLuint index, in GLenum pname)
void hint (in GLenum target, in GLenum mode)
GLboolean isBuffer (in nsIWebGLBuffer buffer)
GLboolean isFramebuffer (in nsIWebGLFramebuffer framebuffer)
GLboolean isProgram (in nsIWebGLProgram program)
GLboolean isRenderbuffer (in nsIWebGLRenderbuffer renderbuffer)
GLboolean isShader (in nsIWebGLShader shader)
GLboolean isTexture (in nsIWebGLTexture texture)
GLboolean isEnabled (in GLenum cap)
void lineWidth (in GLfloat width)
void linkProgram (in nsIWebGLProgram program)
void pixelStorei (in GLenum pname, in GLint param)
void polygonOffset (in GLfloat factor, in GLfloat units)
void readPixels (in GLint x, in GLint y, in GLsizei width, in GLsizei height, in GLenum format, in GLenum type)
void renderbufferStorage (in GLenum target, in GLenum internalformat, in GLsizei width, in GLsizei height)
void sampleCoverage (in GLclampf value, in GLboolean invert)
void scissor (in GLint x, in GLint y, in GLsizei width, in GLsizei height)
void shaderSource (in nsIWebGLShader shader, in DOMString source)
void stencilFunc (in GLenum func, in GLint ref, in GLuint mask)
void stencilFuncSeparate (in GLenum face, in GLenum func, in GLint ref, in GLuint mask)
void stencilMask (in GLuint mask)
void stencilMaskSeparate (in GLenum face, in GLuint mask)
void stencilOp (in GLenum fail, in GLenum zfail, in GLenum zpass)
void stencilOpSeparate (in GLenum face, in GLenum fail, in GLenum zfail, in GLenum zpass)
void texImage2D ()
void texParameterf (in GLenum target, in GLenum pname, in GLfloat param)
void texParameteri (in GLenum target, in GLenum pname, in GLint param)
void texSubImage2D ()
void uniform1f (in GLint location, in GLfloat x)
void uniform1i (in GLint location, in GLint x)
void uniform2f (in GLint location, in GLfloat x, in GLfloat y)
void uniform2i (in GLint location, in GLint x, in GLint y)
void uniform3f (in GLint location, in GLfloat x, in GLfloat y, in GLfloat z)
void uniform3i (in GLint location, in GLint x, in GLint y, in GLint z)
void uniform4f (in GLint location, in GLfloat x, in GLfloat y, in GLfloat z, in GLfloat w)
void uniform4i (in GLint location, in GLint x, in GLint y, in GLint z, in GLint w)
void uniform1fv (in GLint location, in nsIWebGLArray v)
void uniform1iv (in GLint location, in nsIWebGLArray v)
void uniform2fv (in GLint location, in nsIWebGLArray v)
void uniform2iv (in GLint location, in nsIWebGLArray v)
void uniform3fv (in GLint location, in nsIWebGLArray v)
void uniform3iv (in GLint location, in nsIWebGLArray v)
void uniform4fv (in GLint location, in nsIWebGLArray v)
void uniform4iv (in GLint location, in nsIWebGLArray v)
void uniformMatrix2fv (in GLint location, in GLboolean transpose, in nsIWebGLArray value)
void uniformMatrix3fv (in GLint location, in GLboolean transpose, in nsIWebGLArray value)
void uniformMatrix4fv (in GLint location, in GLboolean transpose, in nsIWebGLArray value)
void useProgram (in nsIWebGLProgram program)
void validateProgram (in nsIWebGLProgram program)
void vertexAttrib1f (in GLuint indx, in GLfloat x)
void vertexAttrib2f (in GLuint indx, in GLfloat x, in GLfloat y)
void vertexAttrib3f (in GLuint indx, in GLfloat x, in GLfloat y, in GLfloat z)
void vertexAttrib4f (in GLuint indx, in GLfloat x, in GLfloat y, in GLfloat z, in GLfloat w)
void vertexAttrib1fv (in GLuint indx, in nsIWebGLArray values)
void vertexAttrib2fv (in GLuint indx, in nsIWebGLArray values)
void vertexAttrib3fv (in GLuint indx, in nsIWebGLArray values)
void vertexAttrib4fv (in GLuint indx, in nsIWebGLArray values)
void vertexAttribPointer (in GLuint idx, in GLint size, in GLenum type, in GLboolean normalized, in GLuint stride, in GLuint offset)
void viewport (in GLint x, in GLint y, in GLsizei width, in GLsizei height)

Public Attributes

const unsigned long DEPTH_BUFFER_BIT = 0x00000100
const unsigned long STENCIL_BUFFER_BIT = 0x00000400
const unsigned long COLOR_BUFFER_BIT = 0x00004000
const unsigned long GL_FALSE = 0
const unsigned long GL_TRUE = 1
const unsigned long POINTS = 0x0000
const unsigned long LINES = 0x0001
const unsigned long LINE_LOOP = 0x0002
const unsigned long LINE_STRIP = 0x0003
const unsigned long TRIANGLES = 0x0004
const unsigned long TRIANGLE_STRIP = 0x0005
const unsigned long TRIANGLE_FAN = 0x0006
const unsigned long ZERO = 0
const unsigned long ONE = 1
const unsigned long SRC_COLOR = 0x0300
const unsigned long ONE_MINUS_SRC_COLOR = 0x0301
const unsigned long SRC_ALPHA = 0x0302
const unsigned long ONE_MINUS_SRC_ALPHA = 0x0303
const unsigned long DST_ALPHA = 0x0304
const unsigned long ONE_MINUS_DST_ALPHA = 0x0305
const unsigned long DST_COLOR = 0x0306
const unsigned long ONE_MINUS_DST_COLOR = 0x0307
const unsigned long SRC_ALPHA_SATURATE = 0x0308
const unsigned long FUNC_ADD = 0x8006
const unsigned long BLEND_EQUATION = 0x8009
const unsigned long BLEND_EQUATION_RGB = 0x8009
const unsigned long BLEND_EQUATION_ALPHA = 0x883D
const unsigned long FUNC_SUBTRACT = 0x800A
const unsigned long FUNC_REVERSE_SUBTRACT = 0x800B
const unsigned long BLEND_DST_RGB = 0x80C8
const unsigned long BLEND_SRC_RGB = 0x80C9
const unsigned long BLEND_DST_ALPHA = 0x80CA
const unsigned long BLEND_SRC_ALPHA = 0x80CB
const unsigned long CONSTANT_COLOR = 0x8001
const unsigned long ONE_MINUS_CONSTANT_COLOR = 0x8002
const unsigned long CONSTANT_ALPHA = 0x8003
const unsigned long ONE_MINUS_CONSTANT_ALPHA = 0x8004
const unsigned long BLEND_COLOR = 0x8005
const unsigned long ARRAY_BUFFER = 0x8892
const unsigned long ELEMENT_ARRAY_BUFFER = 0x8893
const unsigned long ARRAY_BUFFER_BINDING = 0x8894
const unsigned long ELEMENT_ARRAY_BUFFER_BINDING = 0x8895
const unsigned long STREAM_DRAW = 0x88E0
const unsigned long STATIC_DRAW = 0x88E4
const unsigned long DYNAMIC_DRAW = 0x88E8
const unsigned long BUFFER_SIZE = 0x8764
const unsigned long BUFFER_USAGE = 0x8765
const unsigned long CURRENT_VERTEX_ATTRIB = 0x8626
const unsigned long FRONT = 0x0404
const unsigned long BACK = 0x0405
const unsigned long FRONT_AND_BACK = 0x0408
const unsigned long TEXTURE_2D = 0x0DE1
const unsigned long CULL_FACE = 0x0B44
const unsigned long BLEND = 0x0BE2
const unsigned long DITHER = 0x0BD0
const unsigned long STENCIL_TEST = 0x0B90
const unsigned long DEPTH_TEST = 0x0B71
const unsigned long SCISSOR_TEST = 0x0C11
const unsigned long POLYGON_OFFSET_FILL = 0x8037
const unsigned long SAMPLE_ALPHA_TO_COVERAGE = 0x809E
const unsigned long SAMPLE_COVERAGE = 0x80A0
const unsigned long NO_ERROR = 0
const unsigned long INVALID_ENUM = 0x0500
const unsigned long INVALID_VALUE = 0x0501
const unsigned long INVALID_OPERATION = 0x0502
const unsigned long OUT_OF_MEMORY = 0x0505
const unsigned long CW = 0x0900
const unsigned long CCW = 0x0901
const unsigned long LINE_WIDTH = 0x0B21
const unsigned long ALIASED_POINT_SIZE_RANGE = 0x846D
const unsigned long ALIASED_LINE_WIDTH_RANGE = 0x846E
const unsigned long CULL_FACE_MODE = 0x0B45
const unsigned long FRONT_FACE = 0x0B46
const unsigned long DEPTH_RANGE = 0x0B70
const unsigned long DEPTH_WRITEMASK = 0x0B72
const unsigned long DEPTH_CLEAR_VALUE = 0x0B73
const unsigned long DEPTH_FUNC = 0x0B74
const unsigned long STENCIL_CLEAR_VALUE = 0x0B91
const unsigned long STENCIL_FUNC = 0x0B92
const unsigned long STENCIL_FAIL = 0x0B94
const unsigned long STENCIL_PASS_DEPTH_FAIL = 0x0B95
const unsigned long STENCIL_PASS_DEPTH_PASS = 0x0B96
const unsigned long STENCIL_REF = 0x0B97
const unsigned long STENCIL_VALUE_MASK = 0x0B93
const unsigned long STENCIL_WRITEMASK = 0x0B98
const unsigned long STENCIL_BACK_FUNC = 0x8800
const unsigned long STENCIL_BACK_FAIL = 0x8801
const unsigned long STENCIL_BACK_PASS_DEPTH_FAIL = 0x8802
const unsigned long STENCIL_BACK_PASS_DEPTH_PASS = 0x8803
const unsigned long STENCIL_BACK_REF = 0x8CA3
const unsigned long STENCIL_BACK_VALUE_MASK = 0x8CA4
const unsigned long STENCIL_BACK_WRITEMASK = 0x8CA5
const unsigned long VIEWPORT_RECT = 0x0BA2
const unsigned long SCISSOR_BOX = 0x0C10
const unsigned long COLOR_CLEAR_VALUE = 0x0C22
const unsigned long COLOR_WRITEMASK = 0x0C23
const unsigned long UNPACK_ALIGNMENT = 0x0CF5
const unsigned long PACK_ALIGNMENT = 0x0D05
const unsigned long MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE = 0x0D33
const unsigned long MAX_VIEWPORT_DIMS = 0x0D3A
const unsigned long SUBPIXEL_BITS = 0x0D50
const unsigned long RED_BITS = 0x0D52
const unsigned long GREEN_BITS = 0x0D53
const unsigned long BLUE_BITS = 0x0D54
const unsigned long ALPHA_BITS = 0x0D55
const unsigned long DEPTH_BITS = 0x0D56
const unsigned long STENCIL_BITS = 0x0D57
const unsigned long POLYGON_OFFSET_UNITS = 0x2A00
const unsigned long POLYGON_OFFSET_FACTOR = 0x8038
const unsigned long TEXTURE_BINDING_2D = 0x8069
const unsigned long SAMPLE_BUFFERS = 0x80A8
const unsigned long SAMPLES = 0x80A9
const unsigned long SAMPLE_COVERAGE_VALUE = 0x80AA
const unsigned long SAMPLE_COVERAGE_INVERT = 0x80AB
const unsigned long NUM_COMPRESSED_TEXTURE_FORMATS = 0x86A2
const unsigned long COMPRESSED_TEXTURE_FORMATS = 0x86A3
const unsigned long DONT_CARE = 0x1100
const unsigned long FASTEST = 0x1101
const unsigned long NICEST = 0x1102
const unsigned long GENERATE_MIPMAP_HINT = 0x8192
const unsigned long BYTE = 0x1400
const unsigned long UNSIGNED_BYTE = 0x1401
const unsigned long SHORT = 0x1402
const unsigned long UNSIGNED_SHORT = 0x1403
const unsigned long INT = 0x1404
const unsigned long UNSIGNED_INT = 0x1405
const unsigned long FLOAT = 0x1406
const unsigned long FIXED = 0x140C
const unsigned long DEPTH_COMPONENT = 0x1902
const unsigned long ALPHA = 0x1906
const unsigned long RGB = 0x1907
const unsigned long RGBA = 0x1908
const unsigned long LUMINANCE = 0x1909
const unsigned long LUMINANCE_ALPHA = 0x190A
const unsigned long UNSIGNED_SHORT_4_4_4_4 = 0x8033
const unsigned long UNSIGNED_SHORT_5_5_5_1 = 0x8034
const unsigned long UNSIGNED_SHORT_5_6_5 = 0x8363
const unsigned long FRAGMENT_SHADER = 0x8B30
const unsigned long VERTEX_SHADER = 0x8B31
const unsigned long MAX_VERTEX_ATTRIBS = 0x8869
const unsigned long MAX_VERTEX_UNIFORM_VECTORS = 0x8DFB
const unsigned long MAX_VARYING_VECTORS = 0x8DFC
const unsigned long MAX_COMBINED_TEXTURE_IMAGE_UNITS = 0x8B4D
const unsigned long MAX_VERTEX_TEXTURE_IMAGE_UNITS = 0x8B4C
const unsigned long MAX_TEXTURE_IMAGE_UNITS = 0x8872
const unsigned long MAX_FRAGMENT_UNIFORM_VECTORS = 0x8DFD
const unsigned long SHADER_TYPE = 0x8B4F
const unsigned long DELETE_STATUS = 0x8B80
const unsigned long LINK_STATUS = 0x8B82
const unsigned long VALIDATE_STATUS = 0x8B83
const unsigned long ATTACHED_SHADERS = 0x8B85
const unsigned long ACTIVE_UNIFORMS = 0x8B86
const unsigned long ACTIVE_UNIFORM_MAX_LENGTH = 0x8B87
const unsigned long ACTIVE_ATTRIBUTES = 0x8B89
const unsigned long ACTIVE_ATTRIBUTE_MAX_LENGTH = 0x8B8A
const unsigned long SHADING_LANGUAGE_VERSION = 0x8B8C
const unsigned long CURRENT_PROGRAM = 0x8B8D
const unsigned long NEVER = 0x0200
const unsigned long LESS = 0x0201
const unsigned long EQUAL = 0x0202
const unsigned long LEQUAL = 0x0203
const unsigned long GREATER = 0x0204
const unsigned long NOTEQUAL = 0x0205
const unsigned long GEQUAL = 0x0206
const unsigned long ALWAYS = 0x0207
const unsigned long KEEP = 0x1E00
const unsigned long REPLACE = 0x1E01
const unsigned long INCR = 0x1E02
const unsigned long DECR = 0x1E03
const unsigned long INVERT = 0x150A
const unsigned long INCR_WRAP = 0x8507
const unsigned long DECR_WRAP = 0x8508
const unsigned long VENDOR = 0x1F00
const unsigned long RENDERER = 0x1F01
const unsigned long VERSION = 0x1F02
const unsigned long EXTENSIONS = 0x1F03
const unsigned long NEAREST = 0x2600
const unsigned long LINEAR = 0x2601
const unsigned long NEAREST_MIPMAP_NEAREST = 0x2700
const unsigned long LINEAR_MIPMAP_NEAREST = 0x2701
const unsigned long NEAREST_MIPMAP_LINEAR = 0x2702
const unsigned long LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR = 0x2703
const unsigned long TEXTURE_MAG_FILTER = 0x2800
const unsigned long TEXTURE_MIN_FILTER = 0x2801
const unsigned long TEXTURE_WRAP_S = 0x2802
const unsigned long TEXTURE_WRAP_T = 0x2803
const unsigned long TEXTURE = 0x1702
const unsigned long TEXTURE_CUBE_MAP = 0x8513
const unsigned long TEXTURE_BINDING_CUBE_MAP = 0x8514
const unsigned long TEXTURE_CUBE_MAP_POSITIVE_X = 0x8515
const unsigned long TEXTURE_CUBE_MAP_NEGATIVE_X = 0x8516
const unsigned long TEXTURE_CUBE_MAP_POSITIVE_Y = 0x8517
const unsigned long TEXTURE_CUBE_MAP_NEGATIVE_Y = 0x8518
const unsigned long TEXTURE_CUBE_MAP_POSITIVE_Z = 0x8519
const unsigned long TEXTURE_CUBE_MAP_NEGATIVE_Z = 0x851A
const unsigned long MAX_CUBE_MAP_TEXTURE_SIZE = 0x851C
const unsigned long TEXTURE0 = 0x84C0
const unsigned long TEXTURE1 = 0x84C1
const unsigned long TEXTURE2 = 0x84C2
const unsigned long TEXTURE3 = 0x84C3
const unsigned long TEXTURE4 = 0x84C4
const unsigned long TEXTURE5 = 0x84C5
const unsigned long TEXTURE6 = 0x84C6
const unsigned long TEXTURE7 = 0x84C7
const unsigned long TEXTURE8 = 0x84C8
const unsigned long TEXTURE9 = 0x84C9
const unsigned long TEXTURE10 = 0x84CA
const unsigned long TEXTURE11 = 0x84CB
const unsigned long TEXTURE12 = 0x84CC
const unsigned long TEXTURE13 = 0x84CD
const unsigned long TEXTURE14 = 0x84CE
const unsigned long TEXTURE15 = 0x84CF
const unsigned long TEXTURE16 = 0x84D0
const unsigned long TEXTURE17 = 0x84D1
const unsigned long TEXTURE18 = 0x84D2
const unsigned long TEXTURE19 = 0x84D3
const unsigned long TEXTURE20 = 0x84D4
const unsigned long TEXTURE21 = 0x84D5
const unsigned long TEXTURE22 = 0x84D6
const unsigned long TEXTURE23 = 0x84D7
const unsigned long TEXTURE24 = 0x84D8
const unsigned long TEXTURE25 = 0x84D9
const unsigned long TEXTURE26 = 0x84DA
const unsigned long TEXTURE27 = 0x84DB
const unsigned long TEXTURE28 = 0x84DC
const unsigned long TEXTURE29 = 0x84DD
const unsigned long TEXTURE30 = 0x84DE
const unsigned long TEXTURE31 = 0x84DF
const unsigned long ACTIVE_TEXTURE = 0x84E0
const unsigned long REPEAT = 0x2901
const unsigned long CLAMP_TO_EDGE = 0x812F
const unsigned long MIRRORED_REPEAT = 0x8370
const unsigned long FLOAT_VEC2 = 0x8B50
const unsigned long FLOAT_VEC3 = 0x8B51
const unsigned long FLOAT_VEC4 = 0x8B52
const unsigned long INT_VEC2 = 0x8B53
const unsigned long INT_VEC3 = 0x8B54
const unsigned long INT_VEC4 = 0x8B55
const unsigned long BOOL = 0x8B56
const unsigned long BOOL_VEC2 = 0x8B57
const unsigned long BOOL_VEC3 = 0x8B58
const unsigned long BOOL_VEC4 = 0x8B59
const unsigned long FLOAT_MAT2 = 0x8B5A
const unsigned long FLOAT_MAT3 = 0x8B5B
const unsigned long FLOAT_MAT4 = 0x8B5C
const unsigned long SAMPLER_2D = 0x8B5E
const unsigned long SAMPLER_CUBE = 0x8B60
const unsigned long VERTEX_ATTRIB_ARRAY_ENABLED = 0x8622
const unsigned long VERTEX_ATTRIB_ARRAY_SIZE = 0x8623
const unsigned long VERTEX_ATTRIB_ARRAY_STRIDE = 0x8624
const unsigned long VERTEX_ATTRIB_ARRAY_TYPE = 0x8625
const unsigned long VERTEX_ATTRIB_ARRAY_NORMALIZED = 0x886A
const unsigned long VERTEX_ATTRIB_ARRAY_POINTER = 0x8645
const unsigned long VERTEX_ATTRIB_ARRAY_BUFFER_BINDING = 0x889F
const unsigned long IMPLEMENTATION_COLOR_READ_TYPE = 0x8B9A
const unsigned long COMPILE_STATUS = 0x8B81
const unsigned long INFO_LOG_LENGTH = 0x8B84
const unsigned long SHADER_SOURCE_LENGTH = 0x8B88
const unsigned long SHADER_COMPILER = 0x8DFA
const unsigned long LOW_FLOAT = 0x8DF0
const unsigned long MEDIUM_FLOAT = 0x8DF1
const unsigned long HIGH_FLOAT = 0x8DF2
const unsigned long LOW_INT = 0x8DF3
const unsigned long MEDIUM_INT = 0x8DF4
const unsigned long HIGH_INT = 0x8DF5
const unsigned long FRAMEBUFFER = 0x8D40
const unsigned long RENDERBUFFER = 0x8D41
const unsigned long RGBA4 = 0x8056
const unsigned long RGB5_A1 = 0x8057
const unsigned long RGB565 = 0x8D62
const unsigned long DEPTH_COMPONENT16 = 0x81A5
const unsigned long STENCIL_INDEX = 0x1901
const unsigned long STENCIL_INDEX8 = 0x8D48
const unsigned long RENDERBUFFER_WIDTH = 0x8D42
const unsigned long RENDERBUFFER_HEIGHT = 0x8D43
const unsigned long RENDERBUFFER_INTERNAL_FORMAT = 0x8D44
const unsigned long RENDERBUFFER_RED_SIZE = 0x8D50
const unsigned long RENDERBUFFER_GREEN_SIZE = 0x8D51
const unsigned long RENDERBUFFER_BLUE_SIZE = 0x8D52
const unsigned long RENDERBUFFER_ALPHA_SIZE = 0x8D53
const unsigned long RENDERBUFFER_DEPTH_SIZE = 0x8D54
const unsigned long RENDERBUFFER_STENCIL_SIZE = 0x8D55
const unsigned long COLOR_ATTACHMENT0 = 0x8CE0
const unsigned long DEPTH_ATTACHMENT = 0x8D00
const unsigned long STENCIL_ATTACHMENT = 0x8D20
const unsigned long NONE = 0
const unsigned long FRAMEBUFFER_COMPLETE = 0x8CD5
const unsigned long FRAMEBUFFER_UNSUPPORTED = 0x8CDD
const unsigned long FRAMEBUFFER_BINDING = 0x8CA6
const unsigned long RENDERBUFFER_BINDING = 0x8CA7
const unsigned long MAX_RENDERBUFFER_SIZE = 0x84E8
const unsigned long INVALID_FRAMEBUFFER_OPERATION = 0x0506
readonly attribute

Member Function Documentation

void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::activeTexture ( in GLenum  texture  ) 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::attachShader ( in nsIWebGLProgram  program,
in nsIWebGLShader  shader 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::bindAttribLocation ( in nsIWebGLProgram  program,
in GLuint  index,
in DOMString  name 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::bindBuffer ( in GLenum  target,
in nsIWebGLBuffer  buffer 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::bindFramebuffer ( in GLenum  target,
in nsIWebGLFramebuffer  framebuffer 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::bindRenderbuffer ( in GLenum  target,
in nsIWebGLRenderbuffer  renderbuffer 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::bindTexture ( in GLenum  target,
in nsIWebGLTexture  texture 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::blendColor ( in GLclampf  red,
in GLclampf  green,
in GLclampf  blue,
in GLclampf  alpha 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::blendEquation ( in GLenum  mode  ) 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::blendEquationSeparate ( in GLenum  modeRGB,
in GLenum  modeAlpha 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::blendFunc ( in GLenum  sfactor,
in GLenum  dfactor 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::blendFuncSeparate ( in GLenum  srcRGB,
in GLenum  dstRGB,
in GLenum  srcAlpha,
in GLenum  dstAlpha 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::bufferData ( in GLenum  target  ) 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::bufferSubData ( in GLenum  target,
in GLsizeiptr  offset 
GLenum nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::checkFramebufferStatus ( in GLenum  target  ) 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::clear ( in GLbitfield  mask  ) 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::clearColor ( in GLclampf  red,
in GLclampf  green,
in GLclampf  blue,
in GLclampf  alpha 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::clearDepth ( in GLclampf  depth  ) 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::clearStencil ( in GLint  s  ) 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::colorMask ( in GLboolean  red,
in GLboolean  green,
in GLboolean  blue,
in GLboolean  alpha 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::compileShader ( in nsIWebGLShader  shader  ) 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::copyTexImage2D ( in GLenum  target,
in GLint  level,
in GLenum  internalformat,
in GLint  x,
in GLint  y,
in GLsizei  width,
in GLsizei  height,
in GLint  border 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::copyTexSubImage2D ( in GLenum  target,
in GLint  level,
in GLint  xoffset,
in GLint  yoffset,
in GLint  x,
in GLint  y,
in GLsizei  width,
in GLsizei  height 
nsIWebGLBuffer nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::createBuffer (  ) 
nsIWebGLByteArray nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::createByteArray (  ) 
nsIWebGLFloatArray nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::createFloatArray (  ) 
nsIWebGLFramebuffer nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::createFramebuffer (  ) 
nsIWebGLIntArray nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::createIntArray (  ) 
nsIWebGLProgram nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::createProgram (  ) 
nsIWebGLRenderbuffer nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::createRenderbuffer (  ) 
nsIWebGLShader nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::createShader ( in GLenum  type  ) 
nsIWebGLShortArray nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::createShortArray (  ) 
nsIWebGLTexture nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::createTexture (  ) 
nsIWebGLUnsignedByteArray nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::createUnsignedByteArray (  ) 
nsIWebGLUnsignedIntArray nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::createUnsignedIntArray (  ) 
nsIWebGLUnsignedShortArray nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::createUnsignedShortArray (  ) 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::cullFace ( in GLenum  mode  ) 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::deleteBuffer ( in nsIWebGLBuffer  buffer  ) 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::deleteFramebuffer ( in nsIWebGLFramebuffer  framebuffer  ) 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::deleteProgram ( in nsIWebGLProgram  program  ) 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::deleteRenderbuffer ( in nsIWebGLRenderbuffer  renderbuffer  ) 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::deleteShader ( in nsIWebGLShader  shader  ) 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::deleteTexture ( in nsIWebGLTexture  texture  ) 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::depthFunc ( in GLenum  func  ) 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::depthMask ( in GLboolean  flag  ) 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::depthRange ( in GLclampf  zNear,
in GLclampf  zFar 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::detachShader ( in nsIWebGLProgram  program,
in nsIWebGLShader  shader 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::disable ( in GLenum  cap  ) 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::disableVertexAttribArray ( in GLuint  index  ) 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::drawArrays ( in GLenum  mode,
in GLint  first,
in GLsizei  count 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::drawElements ( in GLenum  mode,
in GLuint  count,
in GLenum  type,
in GLuint  offset 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::enable ( in GLenum  cap  ) 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::enableVertexAttribArray ( in GLuint  index  ) 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::finish (  ) 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::flush (  ) 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::framebufferRenderbuffer ( in GLenum  target,
in GLenum  attachment,
in GLenum  renderbuffertarget,
in nsIWebGLRenderbuffer  renderbuffer 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::framebufferTexture2D ( in GLenum  target,
in GLenum  attachment,
in GLenum  textarget,
in nsIWebGLTexture  texture,
in GLint  level 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::frontFace ( in GLenum  mode  ) 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::generateMipmap ( in GLenum  target  ) 
nsIWebGLActiveInfo nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::getActiveAttrib ( in nsIWebGLProgram  program,
in PRUint32  index 
nsIWebGLActiveInfo nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::getActiveUniform ( in nsIWebGLProgram  program,
in PRUint32  index 
GLint nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::getAttribLocation ( in nsIWebGLProgram  program,
in DOMString  name 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::getBufferParameter ( in GLenum  target,
in GLenum  pname 
GLint nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::getBufferParameteri ( in GLenum  target,
in GLenum  pname 
GLenum nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::getError (  ) 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::getFramebufferAttachmentParameter ( in GLenum  target,
in GLenum  attachment,
in GLenum  pname 
GLint nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::getFramebufferAttachmentParameteri ( in GLenum  target,
in GLenum  attachment,
in GLenum  pname 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::getParameter ( in GLenum  pname  ) 
GLint nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::getProgrami ( in nsIWebGLProgram  program,
in GLenum  pname 
DOMString nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::getProgramInfoLog ( in nsIWebGLProgram  program  ) 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::getProgramParameter ( in nsIWebGLProgram  program,
in GLenum  pname 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::getRenderbufferParameter ( in GLenum  target,
in GLenum  pname 
GLint nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::getRenderbufferParameteri ( in GLenum  target,
in GLenum  pname 
GLint nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::getShaderi ( in nsIWebGLShader  shader,
in GLenum  pname 
DOMString nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::getShaderInfoLog ( in nsIWebGLShader  shader  ) 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::getShaderParameter ( in nsIWebGLShader  shader,
in GLenum  pname 
DOMString nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::getShaderSource ( in nsIWebGLShader  shader  ) 
DOMString nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::getString ( in GLenum  name  ) 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::getTexParameter ( in GLenum  target,
in GLenum  pname 
GLfloat nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::getTexParameterf ( in GLenum  target,
in GLenum  pname 
GLint nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::getTexParameteri ( in GLenum  target,
in GLenum  pname 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::getUniform ( in nsIWebGLProgram  program,
in GLint  location 
GLint nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::getUniformLocation ( in nsIWebGLProgram  program,
in DOMString  name 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::getVertexAttrib ( in GLuint  index,
in GLenum  pname 
GLuint nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::getVertexAttribOffset ( in GLuint  index,
in GLenum  pname 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::hint ( in GLenum  target,
in GLenum  mode 
GLboolean nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::isBuffer ( in nsIWebGLBuffer  buffer  ) 
GLboolean nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::isEnabled ( in GLenum  cap  ) 
GLboolean nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::isFramebuffer ( in nsIWebGLFramebuffer  framebuffer  ) 
GLboolean nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::isProgram ( in nsIWebGLProgram  program  ) 
GLboolean nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::isRenderbuffer ( in nsIWebGLRenderbuffer  renderbuffer  ) 
GLboolean nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::isShader ( in nsIWebGLShader  shader  ) 
GLboolean nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::isTexture ( in nsIWebGLTexture  texture  ) 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::lineWidth ( in GLfloat  width  ) 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::linkProgram ( in nsIWebGLProgram  program  ) 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::pixelStorei ( in GLenum  pname,
in GLint  param 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::polygonOffset ( in GLfloat  factor,
in GLfloat  units 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::present (  ) 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::readPixels ( in GLint  x,
in GLint  y,
in GLsizei  width,
in GLsizei  height,
in GLenum  format,
in GLenum  type 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::renderbufferStorage ( in GLenum  target,
in GLenum  internalformat,
in GLsizei  width,
in GLsizei  height 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::sampleCoverage ( in GLclampf  value,
in GLboolean  invert 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::scissor ( in GLint  x,
in GLint  y,
in GLsizei  width,
in GLsizei  height 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::shaderSource ( in nsIWebGLShader  shader,
in DOMString  source 
long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::sizeInBytes ( in GLenum  type  ) 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::stencilFunc ( in GLenum  func,
in GLint  ref,
in GLuint  mask 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::stencilFuncSeparate ( in GLenum  face,
in GLenum  func,
in GLint  ref,
in GLuint  mask 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::stencilMask ( in GLuint  mask  ) 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::stencilMaskSeparate ( in GLenum  face,
in GLuint  mask 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::stencilOp ( in GLenum  fail,
in GLenum  zfail,
in GLenum  zpass 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::stencilOpSeparate ( in GLenum  face,
in GLenum  fail,
in GLenum  zfail,
in GLenum  zpass 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::texImage2D (  ) 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::texParameterf ( in GLenum  target,
in GLenum  pname,
in GLfloat  param 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::texParameteri ( in GLenum  target,
in GLenum  pname,
in GLint  param 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::texSubImage2D (  ) 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::uniform1f ( in GLint  location,
in GLfloat  x 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::uniform1fv ( in GLint  location,
in nsIWebGLArray  v 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::uniform1i ( in GLint  location,
in GLint  x 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::uniform1iv ( in GLint  location,
in nsIWebGLArray  v 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::uniform2f ( in GLint  location,
in GLfloat  x,
in GLfloat  y 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::uniform2fv ( in GLint  location,
in nsIWebGLArray  v 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::uniform2i ( in GLint  location,
in GLint  x,
in GLint  y 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::uniform2iv ( in GLint  location,
in nsIWebGLArray  v 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::uniform3f ( in GLint  location,
in GLfloat  x,
in GLfloat  y,
in GLfloat  z 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::uniform3fv ( in GLint  location,
in nsIWebGLArray  v 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::uniform3i ( in GLint  location,
in GLint  x,
in GLint  y,
in GLint  z 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::uniform3iv ( in GLint  location,
in nsIWebGLArray  v 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::uniform4f ( in GLint  location,
in GLfloat  x,
in GLfloat  y,
in GLfloat  z,
in GLfloat  w 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::uniform4fv ( in GLint  location,
in nsIWebGLArray  v 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::uniform4i ( in GLint  location,
in GLint  x,
in GLint  y,
in GLint  z,
in GLint  w 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::uniform4iv ( in GLint  location,
in nsIWebGLArray  v 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::uniformMatrix2fv ( in GLint  location,
in GLboolean  transpose,
in nsIWebGLArray  value 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::uniformMatrix3fv ( in GLint  location,
in GLboolean  transpose,
in nsIWebGLArray  value 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::uniformMatrix4fv ( in GLint  location,
in GLboolean  transpose,
in nsIWebGLArray  value 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::useProgram ( in nsIWebGLProgram  program  ) 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::validateProgram ( in nsIWebGLProgram  program  ) 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::vertexAttrib1f ( in GLuint  indx,
in GLfloat  x 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::vertexAttrib1fv ( in GLuint  indx,
in nsIWebGLArray  values 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::vertexAttrib2f ( in GLuint  indx,
in GLfloat  x,
in GLfloat  y 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::vertexAttrib2fv ( in GLuint  indx,
in nsIWebGLArray  values 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::vertexAttrib3f ( in GLuint  indx,
in GLfloat  x,
in GLfloat  y,
in GLfloat  z 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::vertexAttrib3fv ( in GLuint  indx,
in nsIWebGLArray  values 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::vertexAttrib4f ( in GLuint  indx,
in GLfloat  x,
in GLfloat  y,
in GLfloat  z,
in GLfloat  w 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::vertexAttrib4fv ( in GLuint  indx,
in nsIWebGLArray  values 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::vertexAttribPointer ( in GLuint  idx,
in GLint  size,
in GLenum  type,
in GLboolean  normalized,
in GLuint  stride,
in GLuint  offset 
void nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::viewport ( in GLint  x,
in GLint  y,
in GLsizei  width,
in GLsizei  height 

Member Data Documentation

const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::ACTIVE_TEXTURE = 0x84E0
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::ALPHA = 0x1906
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::ALPHA_BITS = 0x0D55
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::ALWAYS = 0x0207
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::ARRAY_BUFFER = 0x8892
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::BACK = 0x0405
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::BLEND = 0x0BE2
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::BLEND_COLOR = 0x8005
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::BLEND_DST_RGB = 0x80C8
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::BLEND_EQUATION = 0x8009
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::BLEND_SRC_RGB = 0x80C9
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::BLUE_BITS = 0x0D54
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::BOOL = 0x8B56
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::BOOL_VEC2 = 0x8B57
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::BOOL_VEC3 = 0x8B58
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::BOOL_VEC4 = 0x8B59
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::BUFFER_SIZE = 0x8764
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::BUFFER_USAGE = 0x8765
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::BYTE = 0x1400
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::CCW = 0x0901
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::CLAMP_TO_EDGE = 0x812F
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::COLOR_BUFFER_BIT = 0x00004000
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::COMPILE_STATUS = 0x8B81
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::CONSTANT_ALPHA = 0x8003
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::CONSTANT_COLOR = 0x8001
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::CULL_FACE = 0x0B44
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::CULL_FACE_MODE = 0x0B45
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::CW = 0x0900
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::DECR = 0x1E03
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::DECR_WRAP = 0x8508
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::DELETE_STATUS = 0x8B80
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::DEPTH_BITS = 0x0D56
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::DEPTH_BUFFER_BIT = 0x00000100
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::DEPTH_FUNC = 0x0B74
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::DEPTH_RANGE = 0x0B70
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::DEPTH_TEST = 0x0B71
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::DITHER = 0x0BD0
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::DONT_CARE = 0x1100
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::DST_ALPHA = 0x0304
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::DST_COLOR = 0x0306
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::DYNAMIC_DRAW = 0x88E8
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::EQUAL = 0x0202
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::EXTENSIONS = 0x1F03
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::FASTEST = 0x1101
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::FIXED = 0x140C
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::FLOAT = 0x1406
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::FLOAT_MAT2 = 0x8B5A
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::FLOAT_MAT3 = 0x8B5B
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::FLOAT_MAT4 = 0x8B5C
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::FLOAT_VEC2 = 0x8B50
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::FLOAT_VEC3 = 0x8B51
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::FLOAT_VEC4 = 0x8B52
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::FRAMEBUFFER = 0x8D40
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::FRONT = 0x0404
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::FRONT_AND_BACK = 0x0408
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::FRONT_FACE = 0x0B46
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::FUNC_ADD = 0x8006
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::FUNC_SUBTRACT = 0x800A
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::GEQUAL = 0x0206
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::GL_TRUE = 1
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::GREATER = 0x0204
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::GREEN_BITS = 0x0D53
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::HIGH_FLOAT = 0x8DF2
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::HIGH_INT = 0x8DF5
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::INCR = 0x1E02
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::INCR_WRAP = 0x8507
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::INT = 0x1404
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::INT_VEC2 = 0x8B53
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::INT_VEC3 = 0x8B54
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::INT_VEC4 = 0x8B55
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::INVALID_ENUM = 0x0500
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::INVALID_VALUE = 0x0501
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::INVERT = 0x150A
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::KEEP = 0x1E00
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::LEQUAL = 0x0203
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::LESS = 0x0201
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::LINE_LOOP = 0x0002
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::LINE_STRIP = 0x0003
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::LINE_WIDTH = 0x0B21
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::LINEAR = 0x2601
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::LINES = 0x0001
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::LINK_STATUS = 0x8B82
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::LOW_FLOAT = 0x8DF0
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::LOW_INT = 0x8DF3
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::LUMINANCE = 0x1909
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::MEDIUM_FLOAT = 0x8DF1
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::MEDIUM_INT = 0x8DF4
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::NEAREST = 0x2600
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::NEVER = 0x0200
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::NICEST = 0x1102
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::NONE = 0
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::NOTEQUAL = 0x0205
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::ONE = 1
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::OUT_OF_MEMORY = 0x0505
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::PACK_ALIGNMENT = 0x0D05
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::POINTS = 0x0000
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::RED_BITS = 0x0D52
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::RENDERBUFFER = 0x8D41
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::RENDERER = 0x1F01
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::REPEAT = 0x2901
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::REPLACE = 0x1E01
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::RGB = 0x1907
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::RGB565 = 0x8D62
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::RGB5_A1 = 0x8057
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::RGBA = 0x1908
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::RGBA4 = 0x8056
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::SAMPLE_BUFFERS = 0x80A8
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::SAMPLER_2D = 0x8B5E
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::SAMPLER_CUBE = 0x8B60
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::SAMPLES = 0x80A9
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::SCISSOR_BOX = 0x0C10
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::SCISSOR_TEST = 0x0C11
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::SHADER_TYPE = 0x8B4F
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::SHORT = 0x1402
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::SRC_ALPHA = 0x0302
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::SRC_COLOR = 0x0300
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::STATIC_DRAW = 0x88E4
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::STENCIL_BITS = 0x0D57
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::STENCIL_BUFFER_BIT = 0x00000400
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::STENCIL_FAIL = 0x0B94
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::STENCIL_FUNC = 0x0B92
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::STENCIL_INDEX = 0x1901
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::STENCIL_INDEX8 = 0x8D48
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::STENCIL_REF = 0x0B97
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::STENCIL_TEST = 0x0B90
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::STREAM_DRAW = 0x88E0
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::SUBPIXEL_BITS = 0x0D50
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::TEXTURE = 0x1702
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::TEXTURE0 = 0x84C0
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::TEXTURE1 = 0x84C1
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::TEXTURE10 = 0x84CA
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::TEXTURE11 = 0x84CB
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::TEXTURE12 = 0x84CC
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::TEXTURE13 = 0x84CD
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::TEXTURE14 = 0x84CE
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::TEXTURE15 = 0x84CF
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::TEXTURE16 = 0x84D0
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::TEXTURE17 = 0x84D1
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::TEXTURE18 = 0x84D2
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::TEXTURE19 = 0x84D3
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::TEXTURE2 = 0x84C2
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::TEXTURE20 = 0x84D4
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::TEXTURE21 = 0x84D5
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::TEXTURE22 = 0x84D6
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::TEXTURE23 = 0x84D7
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::TEXTURE24 = 0x84D8
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::TEXTURE25 = 0x84D9
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::TEXTURE26 = 0x84DA
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::TEXTURE27 = 0x84DB
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::TEXTURE28 = 0x84DC
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::TEXTURE29 = 0x84DD
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::TEXTURE3 = 0x84C3
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::TEXTURE30 = 0x84DE
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::TEXTURE31 = 0x84DF
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::TEXTURE4 = 0x84C4
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::TEXTURE5 = 0x84C5
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::TEXTURE6 = 0x84C6
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::TEXTURE7 = 0x84C7
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::TEXTURE8 = 0x84C8
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::TEXTURE9 = 0x84C9
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::TEXTURE_2D = 0x0DE1
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::TEXTURE_WRAP_S = 0x2802
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::TEXTURE_WRAP_T = 0x2803
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::TRIANGLE_FAN = 0x0006
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::TRIANGLE_STRIP = 0x0005
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::TRIANGLES = 0x0004
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::UNSIGNED_BYTE = 0x1401
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::UNSIGNED_INT = 0x1405
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::UNSIGNED_SHORT = 0x1403
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::VENDOR = 0x1F00
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::VERSION = 0x1F02
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::VERTEX_SHADER = 0x8B31
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::VIEWPORT_RECT = 0x0BA2
const unsigned long nsICanvasRenderingContextWebGL::ZERO = 0

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