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import "nsICacheService.idl";

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nsICacheSession createSession (in string clientID, in nsCacheStoragePolicy storagePolicy, in boolean streamBased)
 Create a cache session.
void visitEntries (in nsICacheVisitor visitor)
 Visit entries stored in the cache.
void evictEntries (in nsCacheStoragePolicy storagePolicy)
 Evicts all entries in all devices implied by the storage policy.

Member Function Documentation

nsICacheSession nsICacheService::createSession ( in string  clientID,
in nsCacheStoragePolicy  storagePolicy,
in boolean  streamBased 

Create a cache session.

A cache session represents a client's access into the cache. The cache session is not "owned" by the cache service. Hence, it is possible to create duplicate cache sessions. Entries created by a cache session are invisible to other cache sessions, unless the cache sessions are equivalent.

clientID - Specifies the name of the client using the cache.
storagePolicy - Limits the storage policy for all entries accessed via the returned session. As a result, devices excluded by the storage policy will not be searched when opening entries from the returned session.
streamBased - Indicates whether or not the data being cached can be represented as a stream. The storagePolicy must be consistent with the value of this field. For example, a non-stream- based cache entry can only have a storage policy of STORE_IN_MEMORY.
new cache session.
void nsICacheService::evictEntries ( in nsCacheStoragePolicy  storagePolicy  ) 

Evicts all entries in all devices implied by the storage policy.

void nsICacheService::visitEntries ( in nsICacheVisitor  visitor  ) 

Visit entries stored in the cache.

Used to implement about:cache.

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