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nsICRLManager Interface Reference

import "nsICRLManager.idl";

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Public Member Functions

void importCrl ([array, size_is(length)] in octet data, in unsigned long length, in nsIURI uri, in unsigned long type, in boolean doSilentDownload, in wstring crlKey)
boolean updateCRLFromURL (in wstring url, in wstring key)
nsIArray getCrls ()
void deleteCrl (in unsigned long crlIndex)
void rescheduleCRLAutoUpdate ()
wstring computeNextAutoUpdateTime (in nsICRLInfo info, in unsigned long autoUpdateType, in double noOfDays)

Public Attributes

const unsigned long TYPE_AUTOUPDATE_TIME_BASED = 1
const unsigned long TYPE_AUTOUPDATE_FREQ_BASED = 2

Member Function Documentation

wstring nsICRLManager::computeNextAutoUpdateTime ( in nsICRLInfo  info,
in unsigned long  autoUpdateType,
in double  noOfDays 
void nsICRLManager::deleteCrl ( in unsigned long  crlIndex  ) 
nsIArray nsICRLManager::getCrls (  ) 
void nsICRLManager::importCrl ( [array, size_is(length)] in octet  data,
in unsigned long  length,
in nsIURI  uri,
in unsigned long  type,
in boolean  doSilentDownload,
in wstring  crlKey 
void nsICRLManager::rescheduleCRLAutoUpdate (  ) 
boolean nsICRLManager::updateCRLFromURL ( in wstring  url,
in wstring  key 

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