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nsIBadCertListener2 Interface Reference

A mechanism to report a broken SSL status. More...

import "nsIBadCertListener2.idl";

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boolean notifyCertProblem (in nsIInterfaceRequestor socketInfo, in nsISSLStatus status, in AUTF8String targetSite)

Detailed Description

A mechanism to report a broken SSL status.

The recipient should NOT block. Can be used to obtain the SSL handshake status of a connection that will be canceled because of improper cert status.

Member Function Documentation

boolean nsIBadCertListener2::notifyCertProblem ( in nsIInterfaceRequestor  socketInfo,
in nsISSLStatus  status,
in AUTF8String  targetSite 
socketInfo A network communication context that can be used to obtain more information about the active connection.
status The SSL status object that describes the problem(s).
targetSite The Site name that was used to open the current connection.
The consumer shall return true if it wants to suppress the error message related to the bad cert (the connection will still get canceled).

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