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nsIAutoCompletePopup Interface Reference

import "nsIAutoCompletePopup.idl";

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Public Member Functions

void openAutocompletePopup (in nsIAutoCompleteInput input, in nsIDOMElement element)
void closePopup ()
void invalidate ()
void selectBy (in boolean reverse, in boolean page)

Public Attributes

readonly attribute
readonly attribute AString overrideValue
attribute long selectedIndex
readonly attribute boolean popupOpen

Member Function Documentation

void nsIAutoCompletePopup::closePopup (  ) 
void nsIAutoCompletePopup::invalidate (  ) 
void nsIAutoCompletePopup::openAutocompletePopup ( in nsIAutoCompleteInput  input,
in nsIDOMElement  element 
void nsIAutoCompletePopup::selectBy ( in boolean  reverse,
in boolean  page 

Member Data Documentation

readonly attribute AString nsIAutoCompletePopup::overrideValue

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