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nsIAutoCompleteInput Interface Reference

import "nsIAutoCompleteInput.idl";

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Public Member Functions

ACString getSearchAt (in unsigned long index)
void selectTextRange (in long startIndex, in long endIndex)
void onSearchBegin ()
void onSearchComplete ()
boolean onTextEntered ()
boolean onTextReverted ()

Public Attributes

readonly attribute
readonly attribute
attribute boolean popupOpen
attribute boolean disableAutoComplete
attribute boolean completeDefaultIndex
attribute boolean completeSelectedIndex
attribute boolean forceComplete
attribute unsigned long minResultsForPopup
attribute unsigned long maxRows
attribute boolean showCommentColumn
attribute boolean showImageColumn
attribute unsigned long timeout
attribute AString searchParam
readonly attribute unsigned long searchCount
attribute AString textValue
readonly attribute long selectionStart
readonly attribute long selectionEnd
readonly attribute boolean consumeRollupEvent

Member Function Documentation

ACString nsIAutoCompleteInput::getSearchAt ( in unsigned long  index  ) 
void nsIAutoCompleteInput::onSearchBegin (  ) 
void nsIAutoCompleteInput::onSearchComplete (  ) 
boolean nsIAutoCompleteInput::onTextEntered (  ) 
boolean nsIAutoCompleteInput::onTextReverted (  ) 
void nsIAutoCompleteInput::selectTextRange ( in long  startIndex,
in long  endIndex 

Member Data Documentation

attribute unsigned long nsIAutoCompleteInput::maxRows
readonly attribute unsigned long nsIAutoCompleteInput::searchCount
readonly attribute long nsIAutoCompleteInput::selectionEnd
readonly attribute long nsIAutoCompleteInput::selectionStart
attribute unsigned long nsIAutoCompleteInput::timeout

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