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nsIAutoCompleteController Interface Reference

import "nsIAutoCompleteController.idl";

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Public Member Functions

void startSearch (in AString searchString)
void stopSearch ()
void handleText ()
boolean handleEnter (in boolean aIsPopupSelection)
boolean handleEscape ()
void handleStartComposition ()
void handleEndComposition ()
void handleTab ()
boolean handleKeyNavigation (in unsigned long key)
boolean handleDelete ()
AString getValueAt (in long index)
AString getCommentAt (in long index)
AString getStyleAt (in long index)
AString getImageAt (in long index)

Public Attributes

const unsigned short STATUS_NONE = 1
const unsigned short STATUS_SEARCHING = 2
const unsigned short STATUS_COMPLETE_NO_MATCH = 3
const unsigned short STATUS_COMPLETE_MATCH = 4
attribute nsIAutoCompleteInput input
readonly attribute unsigned short searchStatus
readonly attribute unsigned long matchCount
attribute AString searchString

Member Function Documentation

AString nsIAutoCompleteController::getCommentAt ( in long  index  ) 
AString nsIAutoCompleteController::getImageAt ( in long  index  ) 
AString nsIAutoCompleteController::getStyleAt ( in long  index  ) 
AString nsIAutoCompleteController::getValueAt ( in long  index  ) 
boolean nsIAutoCompleteController::handleDelete (  ) 
void nsIAutoCompleteController::handleEndComposition (  ) 
boolean nsIAutoCompleteController::handleEnter ( in boolean  aIsPopupSelection  ) 
boolean nsIAutoCompleteController::handleEscape (  ) 
boolean nsIAutoCompleteController::handleKeyNavigation ( in unsigned long  key  ) 
void nsIAutoCompleteController::handleStartComposition (  ) 
void nsIAutoCompleteController::handleTab (  ) 
void nsIAutoCompleteController::handleText (  ) 
void nsIAutoCompleteController::startSearch ( in AString  searchString  ) 
void nsIAutoCompleteController::stopSearch (  ) 

Member Data Documentation

readonly attribute unsigned long nsIAutoCompleteController::matchCount
readonly attribute unsigned short nsIAutoCompleteController::searchStatus
const unsigned short nsIAutoCompleteController::STATUS_NONE = 1

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