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nsIAuthPromptProvider Interface Reference

import "nsIAuthPromptProvider.idl";

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Public Member Functions

void getAuthPrompt (in PRUint32 aPromptReason, in nsIIDRef iid,[iid_is(iid), retval] out nsQIResult result)
 Request a prompt interface for the given prompt reason;.

Public Attributes

const PRUint32 PROMPT_NORMAL = 0
 Normal (non-proxy) prompt request.
const PRUint32 PROMPT_PROXY = 1
 Proxy auth request.

Member Function Documentation

void nsIAuthPromptProvider::getAuthPrompt ( in PRUint32  aPromptReason,
in nsIIDRef  iid,
[iid_is(iid), retval] out nsQIResult  result 

Request a prompt interface for the given prompt reason;.

NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE if no prompt is allowed or available for the given reason.
aPromptReason The reason for the auth prompt; one of PROMPT_NORMAL or PROMPT_PROXY
iid The desired interface, e.g. NS_GET_IID(nsIAuthPrompt2).
an nsIAuthPrompt2 interface, or throws NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE

Member Data Documentation

Normal (non-proxy) prompt request.

Proxy auth request.

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