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nsIAlertsService Interface Reference

import "nsIAlertsService.idl";

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void showAlertNotification (in AString imageUrl, in AString title, in AString text,[optional] in boolean textClickable,[optional] in AString cookie,[optional] in nsIObserver alertListener,[optional] in AString name)
 Displays a sliding notification window.

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void nsIAlertsService::showAlertNotification ( in AString  imageUrl,
in AString  title,
in AString  text,
[optional] in boolean  textClickable,
[optional] in AString  cookie,
[optional] in nsIObserver  alertListener,
[optional] in AString  name 

Displays a sliding notification window.

imageUrl A URL identifying the image to put in the alert.
title The title for the alert.
text The contents of the alert.
textClickable If true, causes the alert text to look like a link and notifies the listener when user attempts to click the alert text.
cookie A blind cookie the alert will pass back to the consumer during the alert listener callbacks.
alertListener Used for callbacks. May be null if the caller doesn't care about callbacks.
name The name of the notification. This is currently only used on OS X with Growl. On OS X with Growl, users can disable notifications with a given name.
NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE If the notification cannot be displayed.

The following arguments will be passed to the alertListener's observe() method: subject - null topic - "alertfinished" when the alert goes away "alertclickcallback" when the text is clicked data - the value of the cookie parameter passed to showAlertNotification.

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