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nsIAddrDBListener Interface Reference

import "nsIAddrDBListener.idl";

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Public Member Functions

void onCardAttribChange (in unsigned long abCode)
void onCardEntryChange (in unsigned long aAbCode, in nsIAbCard aCard, in nsIAbDirectory aParent)
 Handle the card entry change event.
void onListEntryChange (in unsigned long abCode, in nsIAbDirectory list)
void onAnnouncerGoingAway ()

Member Function Documentation

void nsIAddrDBListener::onAnnouncerGoingAway (  ) 
void nsIAddrDBListener::onCardAttribChange ( in unsigned long  abCode  ) 
void nsIAddrDBListener::onCardEntryChange ( in unsigned long  aAbCode,
in nsIAbCard  aCard,
in nsIAbDirectory  aParent 

Handle the card entry change event.

aAbCode The code to indicate the type of event (see nsAddrDatabase.h AB_NOTIFY_CODE for values).
aCard The card entry on which the event occurred.
aParent The parent of card entry. If set to null, the event can be ignored. This happens during import & sync operations when listeners of a database need not be notified about card entry changes.
void nsIAddrDBListener::onListEntryChange ( in unsigned long  abCode,
in nsIAbDirectory  list 

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