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nsIAccessibilityService Interface Reference

import "nsIAccessibilityService.idl";

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Public Member Functions

nsIAccessible createOuterDocAccessible (in nsIDOMNode aNode)
nsIAccessible createRootAccessible (in nsIPresShell aShell, in nsIDocument aDocument)
nsIAccessible createHTML4ButtonAccessible (in nsIFrame aFrame)
nsIAccessible createHyperTextAccessible (in nsIFrame aFrame)
nsIAccessible createHTMLBRAccessible (in nsIFrame aFrame)
nsIAccessible createHTMLButtonAccessible (in nsIFrame aFrame)
nsIAccessible createHTMLAccessibleByMarkup (in nsIFrame aFrame, in nsIWeakReference aWeakShell, in nsIDOMNode aDOMNode)
nsIAccessible createHTMLLIAccessible (in nsIFrame aFrame, in nsIFrame aBulletFrame, in AString aBulletText)
nsIAccessible createHTMLCheckboxAccessible (in nsIFrame aFrame)
nsIAccessible createHTMLComboboxAccessible (in nsIDOMNode aNode, in nsIWeakReference aPresShell)
nsIAccessible createHTMLGenericAccessible (in nsIFrame aFrame)
nsIAccessible createHTMLGroupboxAccessible (in nsIFrame aFrame)
nsIAccessible createHTMLHRAccessible (in nsIFrame aFrame)
nsIAccessible createHTMLImageAccessible (in nsIFrame aFrame)
nsIAccessible createHTMLLabelAccessible (in nsIFrame aFrame)
nsIAccessible createHTMLListboxAccessible (in nsIDOMNode aNode, in nsIWeakReference aPresShell)
nsIAccessible createHTMLMediaAccessible (in nsIFrame aFrame)
nsIAccessible createHTMLObjectFrameAccessible (in nsObjectFrame aFrame)
nsIAccessible createHTMLRadioButtonAccessible (in nsIFrame aFrame)
nsIAccessible createHTMLSelectOptionAccessible (in nsIDOMNode aNode, in nsIAccessible aAccParent, in nsIWeakReference aPresShell)
nsIAccessible createHTMLTableAccessible (in nsIFrame aFrame)
nsIAccessible createHTMLTableCellAccessible (in nsIFrame aFrame)
nsIAccessible createHTMLTextAccessible (in nsIFrame aFrame)
nsIAccessible createHTMLTextFieldAccessible (in nsIFrame aFrame)
nsIAccessible createHTMLCaptionAccessible (in nsIFrame aFrame)
nsIAccessible getAccessible (in nsIDOMNode aNode, in nsIPresShell aPresShell, in nsIWeakReference aWeakShell, in nsIFrame aFrameHint, out boolean aIsHidden)
 Return an accessible for the given DOM node.
nsIAccessible addNativeRootAccessible (in voidPtr aAtkAccessible)
void removeNativeRootAccessible (in nsIAccessible aRootAccessible)
void invalidateSubtreeFor (in nsIPresShell aPresShell, in nsIContent aContent, in PRUint32 aChangeType)
 Invalidate the accessible tree when DOM tree or frame tree is changed.
void processDocLoadEvent (in nsITimer aTimer, in voidPtr aClosure, in PRUint32 aEventType)
 An internal doc load event has occured.
void notifyOfAnchorJumpTo (in nsIContent aTarget)
 Notify accessibility that anchor jump has been accomplished to the given target.
void fireAccessibleEvent (in unsigned long aEvent, in nsIAccessible aTarget)
 Fire accessible event of the given type for the given target.

Public Attributes

const unsigned long NODE_APPEND = 0x01
 Used to describe sort of changes leading to accessible tree invalidation.
const unsigned long NODE_REMOVE = 0x02
const unsigned long NODE_SIGNIFICANT_CHANGE = 0x03
const unsigned long FRAME_SHOW = 0x04
const unsigned long FRAME_HIDE = 0x05
const unsigned long FRAME_SIGNIFICANT_CHANGE = 0x06

Member Function Documentation

nsIAccessible nsIAccessibilityService::addNativeRootAccessible ( in voidPtr  aAtkAccessible  ) 
nsIAccessible nsIAccessibilityService::createHTML4ButtonAccessible ( in nsIFrame  aFrame  ) 
nsIAccessible nsIAccessibilityService::createHTMLAccessibleByMarkup ( in nsIFrame  aFrame,
in nsIWeakReference  aWeakShell,
in nsIDOMNode  aDOMNode 
nsIAccessible nsIAccessibilityService::createHTMLBRAccessible ( in nsIFrame  aFrame  ) 
nsIAccessible nsIAccessibilityService::createHTMLButtonAccessible ( in nsIFrame  aFrame  ) 
nsIAccessible nsIAccessibilityService::createHTMLCaptionAccessible ( in nsIFrame  aFrame  ) 
nsIAccessible nsIAccessibilityService::createHTMLCheckboxAccessible ( in nsIFrame  aFrame  ) 
nsIAccessible nsIAccessibilityService::createHTMLComboboxAccessible ( in nsIDOMNode  aNode,
in nsIWeakReference  aPresShell 
nsIAccessible nsIAccessibilityService::createHTMLGenericAccessible ( in nsIFrame  aFrame  ) 
nsIAccessible nsIAccessibilityService::createHTMLGroupboxAccessible ( in nsIFrame  aFrame  ) 
nsIAccessible nsIAccessibilityService::createHTMLHRAccessible ( in nsIFrame  aFrame  ) 
nsIAccessible nsIAccessibilityService::createHTMLImageAccessible ( in nsIFrame  aFrame  ) 
nsIAccessible nsIAccessibilityService::createHTMLLabelAccessible ( in nsIFrame  aFrame  ) 
nsIAccessible nsIAccessibilityService::createHTMLLIAccessible ( in nsIFrame  aFrame,
in nsIFrame  aBulletFrame,
in AString  aBulletText 
nsIAccessible nsIAccessibilityService::createHTMLListboxAccessible ( in nsIDOMNode  aNode,
in nsIWeakReference  aPresShell 
nsIAccessible nsIAccessibilityService::createHTMLMediaAccessible ( in nsIFrame  aFrame  ) 
nsIAccessible nsIAccessibilityService::createHTMLObjectFrameAccessible ( in nsObjectFrame  aFrame  ) 
nsIAccessible nsIAccessibilityService::createHTMLRadioButtonAccessible ( in nsIFrame  aFrame  ) 
nsIAccessible nsIAccessibilityService::createHTMLSelectOptionAccessible ( in nsIDOMNode  aNode,
in nsIAccessible  aAccParent,
in nsIWeakReference  aPresShell 
nsIAccessible nsIAccessibilityService::createHTMLTableAccessible ( in nsIFrame  aFrame  ) 
nsIAccessible nsIAccessibilityService::createHTMLTableCellAccessible ( in nsIFrame  aFrame  ) 
nsIAccessible nsIAccessibilityService::createHTMLTextAccessible ( in nsIFrame  aFrame  ) 
nsIAccessible nsIAccessibilityService::createHTMLTextFieldAccessible ( in nsIFrame  aFrame  ) 
nsIAccessible nsIAccessibilityService::createHyperTextAccessible ( in nsIFrame  aFrame  ) 
nsIAccessible nsIAccessibilityService::createOuterDocAccessible ( in nsIDOMNode  aNode  ) 
nsIAccessible nsIAccessibilityService::createRootAccessible ( in nsIPresShell  aShell,
in nsIDocument  aDocument 
void nsIAccessibilityService::fireAccessibleEvent ( in unsigned long  aEvent,
in nsIAccessible  aTarget 

Fire accessible event of the given type for the given target.

aEvent [in] accessible event type
aTarget [in] target of accessible event
nsIAccessible nsIAccessibilityService::getAccessible ( in nsIDOMNode  aNode,
in nsIPresShell  aPresShell,
in nsIWeakReference  aWeakShell,
in nsIFrame  aFrameHint,
out boolean  aIsHidden 

Return an accessible for the given DOM node.

aNode [in] the given node
aPresShell [in] the pres shell of the node
aWeakShell [in] the weak shell for the pres shell
aFrameHint [in] the frame of the given node
aIsHidden [out] indicates whether the node's frame is hidden
void nsIAccessibilityService::invalidateSubtreeFor ( in nsIPresShell  aPresShell,
in nsIContent  aContent,
in PRUint32  aChangeType 

Invalidate the accessible tree when DOM tree or frame tree is changed.

aPresShell [in] the presShell where changes occured
aContent [in] the affected DOM content
aChangeType [in] the change type (see constants declared above)
void nsIAccessibilityService::notifyOfAnchorJumpTo ( in nsIContent  aTarget  ) 

Notify accessibility that anchor jump has been accomplished to the given target.

Used by layout.

void nsIAccessibilityService::processDocLoadEvent ( in nsITimer  aTimer,
in voidPtr  aClosure,
in PRUint32  aEventType 

An internal doc load event has occured.

Handle the event and remove it from the list.

aTimer The timer created to handle this doc load event
aClosure The nsIWebProgress* for the load event
aEventType The type of load event, one of: nsIAccessibleEvent::EVENT_DOCUMENT_LOAD_START, nsIAccessibleEvent::EVENT_DOCUMENT_LOAD_COMPLETE or nsIAccessibleEvent::EVENT_DOCUMENT_LOAD_STOPPED
void nsIAccessibilityService::removeNativeRootAccessible ( in nsIAccessible  aRootAccessible  ) 

Member Data Documentation

const unsigned long nsIAccessibilityService::FRAME_HIDE = 0x05
const unsigned long nsIAccessibilityService::FRAME_SHOW = 0x04
const unsigned long nsIAccessibilityService::NODE_APPEND = 0x01

Used to describe sort of changes leading to accessible tree invalidation.

const unsigned long nsIAccessibilityService::NODE_REMOVE = 0x02

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