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nsIAbMDBDirectory Interface Reference

import "nsIAbMDBDirectory.idl";

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Public Member Functions

nsIAbDirectory addDirectory (in string uriName)
void removeElementsFromAddressList ()
void addMailListToDirectory (in nsIAbDirectory mailList)
void copyDBMailList (in nsIAbMDBDirectory srcListDB)
void addAddressToList (in nsIAbCard card)
void removeEmailAddressAt (in unsigned long aIndex)
void notifyDirItemAdded (in nsISupports item)
void clearDatabase ()

Public Attributes

readonly attribute nsILocalFile databaseFile
 Supplies a nsILocalFile point to the database file for this directory.
readonly attribute nsIAddrDatabase database
 Supplies a nsIAddrDatabase that uses the databaseFile.
attribute unsigned long dbRowID

Member Function Documentation

void nsIAbMDBDirectory::addAddressToList ( in nsIAbCard  card  ) 
nsIAbDirectory nsIAbMDBDirectory::addDirectory ( in string  uriName  ) 
void nsIAbMDBDirectory::addMailListToDirectory ( in nsIAbDirectory  mailList  ) 
void nsIAbMDBDirectory::clearDatabase (  ) 
void nsIAbMDBDirectory::copyDBMailList ( in nsIAbMDBDirectory  srcListDB  ) 
void nsIAbMDBDirectory::notifyDirItemAdded ( in nsISupports  item  ) 
void nsIAbMDBDirectory::removeElementsFromAddressList (  ) 
void nsIAbMDBDirectory::removeEmailAddressAt ( in unsigned long  aIndex  ) 

Member Data Documentation

Supplies a nsIAddrDatabase that uses the databaseFile.

See also databaseFile for possible exceptions.

Supplies a nsILocalFile point to the database file for this directory.

NS_ERROR_NOT_INITIALIZED If there is no filename preference present or it is empty
attribute unsigned long nsIAbMDBDirectory::dbRowID

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