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Mailnews message database

This module is the access point to locally-stored databases. More...


interface  nsIMsgRetentionSettings
interface  nsIMsgDownloadSettings
interface  nsMsgDBCommitType
interface  nsIMsgDBService
 A service to open mail databases and manipulate listeners automatically. More...
interface  nsIMsgDatabase


typedef unsigned long nsMsgRetainByPreference
typedef long nsMsgDBCommit


native octetPtr (PRUint8)
native nsMsgKeyArrayRef (nsTArray< nsMsgKey >)
native nsMsgKeyArrayPtr (nsTArray< nsMsgKey >)

Detailed Description

This module is the access point to locally-stored databases.

These databases are stored in .msf files. Each file contains useful cached information, like the message id or references, as well as the cc header or tag information. This cached information is encapsulated in nsIMsgDBHdr.

Also included is threading information, mostly encapsulated in nsIMsgThread. The final component is the database folder info, which contains information on the view and basic information also stored in the folder cache such as the name or most recent update.

What this module does not do is access individual messages. Access is strictly controlled by the nsIMsgFolder objects and their backends.

Typedef Documentation

typedef long nsMsgDBCommit
typedef unsigned long nsMsgRetainByPreference

Function Documentation

native nsMsgKeyArrayPtr ( nsTArray< nsMsgKey  ) 
native nsMsgKeyArrayRef ( nsTArray< nsMsgKey  ) 
native octetPtr ( PRUint8   )