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nsIMdbSorting Class Reference

#include <mdb.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual nsresult GetTable (nsIMdbEnv *ev, nsIMdbTable **acqTable)=0
virtual nsresult GetSortColumn (nsIMdbEnv *ev, mdb_column *outColumn)=0
virtual nsresult SetNewCompare (nsIMdbEnv *ev, nsIMdbCompare *ioNewCompare)=0
virtual nsresult GetOldCompare (nsIMdbEnv *ev, nsIMdbCompare **acqOldCompare)=0
virtual nsresult GetSortingRowCursor (nsIMdbEnv *ev, mdb_pos inRowPos, nsIMdbTableRowCursor **acqCursor)=0
virtual nsresult PosToOid (nsIMdbEnv *ev, mdb_pos inRowPos, mdbOid *outOid)=0
virtual nsresult PosToRow (nsIMdbEnv *ev, mdb_pos inRowPos, nsIMdbRow **acqRow)=0

Member Function Documentation

virtual nsresult nsIMdbSorting::GetOldCompare ( nsIMdbEnv ev,
nsIMdbCompare **  acqOldCompare 
) [pure virtual]
virtual nsresult nsIMdbSorting::GetSortColumn ( nsIMdbEnv ev,
mdb_column outColumn 
) [pure virtual]
virtual nsresult nsIMdbSorting::GetSortingRowCursor ( nsIMdbEnv ev,
mdb_pos  inRowPos,
nsIMdbTableRowCursor **  acqCursor 
) [pure virtual]
virtual nsresult nsIMdbSorting::GetTable ( nsIMdbEnv ev,
nsIMdbTable **  acqTable 
) [pure virtual]
virtual nsresult nsIMdbSorting::PosToOid ( nsIMdbEnv ev,
mdb_pos  inRowPos,
mdbOid outOid 
) [pure virtual]
virtual nsresult nsIMdbSorting::PosToRow ( nsIMdbEnv ev,
mdb_pos  inRowPos,
nsIMdbRow **  acqRow 
) [pure virtual]
virtual nsresult nsIMdbSorting::SetNewCompare ( nsIMdbEnv ev,
nsIMdbCompare ioNewCompare 
) [pure virtual]

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