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nsIMdbCell Class Reference

#include <mdb.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual nsresult SetColumn (nsIMdbEnv *ev, mdb_column inColumn)=0
virtual nsresult GetColumn (nsIMdbEnv *ev, mdb_column *outColumn)=0
virtual nsresult GetCellInfo (nsIMdbEnv *ev, mdb_column *outColumn, mdb_fill *outBlobFill, mdbOid *outChildOid, mdb_bool *outIsRowChild)=0
virtual nsresult GetRow (nsIMdbEnv *ev, nsIMdbRow **acqRow)=0
virtual nsresult GetPort (nsIMdbEnv *ev, nsIMdbPort **acqPort)=0
virtual nsresult HasAnyChild (nsIMdbEnv *ev, mdbOid *outOid, mdb_bool *outIsRow)=0
virtual nsresult GetAnyChild (nsIMdbEnv *ev, nsIMdbRow **acqRow, nsIMdbTable **acqTable)=0
virtual nsresult SetChildRow (nsIMdbEnv *ev, nsIMdbRow *ioRow)=0
virtual nsresult GetChildRow (nsIMdbEnv *ev, nsIMdbRow **acqRow)=0
virtual nsresult SetChildTable (nsIMdbEnv *ev, nsIMdbTable *inTable)=0
virtual nsresult GetChildTable (nsIMdbEnv *ev, nsIMdbTable **acqTable)=0

Member Function Documentation

virtual nsresult nsIMdbCell::GetAnyChild ( nsIMdbEnv ev,
nsIMdbRow **  acqRow,
nsIMdbTable **  acqTable 
) [pure virtual]
virtual nsresult nsIMdbCell::GetCellInfo ( nsIMdbEnv ev,
mdb_column outColumn,
mdb_fill outBlobFill,
mdbOid outChildOid,
mdb_bool outIsRowChild 
) [pure virtual]
virtual nsresult nsIMdbCell::GetChildRow ( nsIMdbEnv ev,
nsIMdbRow **  acqRow 
) [pure virtual]
virtual nsresult nsIMdbCell::GetChildTable ( nsIMdbEnv ev,
nsIMdbTable **  acqTable 
) [pure virtual]
virtual nsresult nsIMdbCell::GetColumn ( nsIMdbEnv ev,
mdb_column outColumn 
) [pure virtual]
virtual nsresult nsIMdbCell::GetPort ( nsIMdbEnv ev,
nsIMdbPort **  acqPort 
) [pure virtual]
virtual nsresult nsIMdbCell::GetRow ( nsIMdbEnv ev,
nsIMdbRow **  acqRow 
) [pure virtual]
virtual nsresult nsIMdbCell::HasAnyChild ( nsIMdbEnv ev,
mdbOid outOid,
mdb_bool outIsRow 
) [pure virtual]
virtual nsresult nsIMdbCell::SetChildRow ( nsIMdbEnv ev,
nsIMdbRow ioRow 
) [pure virtual]
virtual nsresult nsIMdbCell::SetChildTable ( nsIMdbEnv ev,
nsIMdbTable inTable 
) [pure virtual]
virtual nsresult nsIMdbCell::SetColumn ( nsIMdbEnv ev,
mdb_column  inColumn 
) [pure virtual]

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