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nsIDHashKey Class Reference

hashkey wrapper using nsID KeyType More...

#include <nsHashKeys.h>

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Public Types

enum  { ALLOW_MEMMOVE = 1 }
typedef const nsIDKeyType
typedef const nsIDKeyTypePointer

Public Member Functions

 nsIDHashKey (const nsID *inID)
 nsIDHashKey (const nsIDHashKey &toCopy)
 ~nsIDHashKey ()
KeyType GetKey () const
PRBool KeyEquals (KeyTypePointer aKey) const

Static Public Member Functions

static KeyTypePointer KeyToPointer (KeyType aKey)
static PLDHashNumber HashKey (KeyTypePointer aKey)

Detailed Description

hashkey wrapper using nsID KeyType

See also:
nsTHashtable::EntryType for specification

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef const nsID& nsIDHashKey::KeyType

Member Enumeration Documentation

anonymous enum

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

nsIDHashKey::nsIDHashKey ( const nsID inID  )  [inline]
nsIDHashKey::nsIDHashKey ( const nsIDHashKey toCopy  )  [inline]
nsIDHashKey::~nsIDHashKey (  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

KeyType nsIDHashKey::GetKey (  )  const [inline]
static PLDHashNumber nsIDHashKey::HashKey ( KeyTypePointer  aKey  )  [static]
PRBool nsIDHashKey::KeyEquals ( KeyTypePointer  aKey  )  const [inline]
static KeyTypePointer nsIDHashKey::KeyToPointer ( KeyType  aKey  )  [inline, static]

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