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nsGridRowLeafLayout Class Reference

Author: Eric D Vaughan. More...

#include <nsGridRowLeafLayout.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual nsSize GetPrefSize (nsIBox *aBox, nsBoxLayoutState &aBoxLayoutState)
virtual nsSize GetMinSize (nsIBox *aBox, nsBoxLayoutState &aBoxLayoutState)
virtual nsSize GetMaxSize (nsIBox *aBox, nsBoxLayoutState &aBoxLayoutState)
virtual void ChildAddedOrRemoved (nsIBox *aBox, nsBoxLayoutState &aState)
virtual nsresult Layout (nsIBox *aBox, nsBoxLayoutState &aBoxLayoutState)
virtual void CountRowsColumns (nsIBox *aBox, PRInt32 &aRowCount, PRInt32 &aComputedColumnCount)
virtual void DirtyRows (nsIBox *aBox, nsBoxLayoutState &aState)
virtual PRInt32 BuildRows (nsIBox *aBox, nsGridRow *aRows)
virtual Type GetType ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void PopulateBoxSizes (nsIBox *aBox, nsBoxLayoutState &aBoxLayoutState, nsBoxSize *&aBoxSizes, nscoord &aMinSize, nscoord &aMaxSize, PRInt32 &aFlexes)
virtual void ComputeChildSizes (nsIBox *aBox, nsBoxLayoutState &aState, nscoord &aGivenSize, nsBoxSize *aBoxSizes, nsComputedBoxSize *&aComputedBoxSizes)
 nsGridRowLeafLayout ()
virtual ~nsGridRowLeafLayout ()


already_AddRefed< nsIBoxLayout > NS_NewGridRowLeafLayout ()

Detailed Description

Author: Eric D Vaughan.

The nsIBoxLayout implementation for nsGridRowLeafFrame.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

nsGridRowLeafLayout::nsGridRowLeafLayout (  )  [protected]
virtual nsGridRowLeafLayout::~nsGridRowLeafLayout (  )  [protected, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual PRInt32 nsGridRowLeafLayout::BuildRows ( nsIBox *  aBox,
nsGridRow aRows 
) [virtual]
virtual void nsGridRowLeafLayout::ChildAddedOrRemoved ( nsIBox *  aBox,
nsBoxLayoutState &  aState 
) [virtual]

Implements nsGridRowLayout.

virtual void nsGridRowLeafLayout::ComputeChildSizes ( nsIBox *  aBox,
nsBoxLayoutState &  aState,
nscoord aGivenSize,
nsBoxSize *  aBoxSizes,
nsComputedBoxSize *&  aComputedBoxSizes 
) [protected, virtual]
virtual void nsGridRowLeafLayout::CountRowsColumns ( nsIBox *  aBox,
PRInt32 &  aRowCount,
PRInt32 &  aComputedColumnCount 
) [virtual]
virtual void nsGridRowLeafLayout::DirtyRows ( nsIBox *  aBox,
nsBoxLayoutState &  aState 
) [virtual]
virtual nsSize nsGridRowLeafLayout::GetMaxSize ( nsIBox *  aBox,
nsBoxLayoutState &  aBoxLayoutState 
) [virtual]
virtual nsSize nsGridRowLeafLayout::GetMinSize ( nsIBox *  aBox,
nsBoxLayoutState &  aBoxLayoutState 
) [virtual]
virtual nsSize nsGridRowLeafLayout::GetPrefSize ( nsIBox *  aBox,
nsBoxLayoutState &  aBoxLayoutState 
) [virtual]
virtual Type nsGridRowLeafLayout::GetType (  )  [inline, virtual]
virtual nsresult nsGridRowLeafLayout::Layout ( nsIBox *  aBox,
nsBoxLayoutState &  aBoxLayoutState 
) [virtual]
virtual void nsGridRowLeafLayout::PopulateBoxSizes ( nsIBox *  aBox,
nsBoxLayoutState &  aBoxLayoutState,
nsBoxSize *&  aBoxSizes,
nscoord aMinSize,
nscoord aMaxSize,
PRInt32 &  aFlexes 
) [protected, virtual]

Friends And Related Function Documentation

already_AddRefed<nsIBoxLayout> NS_NewGridRowLeafLayout (  )  [friend]

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