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nsGenericModule Class Reference

#include <nsGenericFactory.h>

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struct  FactoryNode

Public Member Functions

 nsGenericModule (const char *moduleName, PRUint32 componentCount, const nsModuleComponentInfo *components, nsModuleConstructorProc ctor, nsModuleDestructorProc dtor)

Protected Member Functions

nsresult Initialize (nsIComponentManager *compMgr)
void Shutdown ()
nsresult AddFactoryNode (nsIGenericFactory *fact)

Protected Attributes

PRBool mInitialized
const char * mModuleName
PRUint32 mComponentCount
const nsModuleComponentInfo * mComponents
nsModuleConstructorProc mCtor
nsModuleDestructorProc mDtor

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

nsGenericModule::nsGenericModule ( const char *  moduleName,
PRUint32  componentCount,
const nsModuleComponentInfo *  components,
nsModuleConstructorProc  ctor,
nsModuleDestructorProc  dtor 

Member Function Documentation

nsresult nsGenericModule::AddFactoryNode ( nsIGenericFactory *  fact  )  [protected]
nsresult nsGenericModule::Initialize ( nsIComponentManager compMgr  )  [protected]
void nsGenericModule::Shutdown (  )  [protected]

Member Data Documentation

PRUint32 nsGenericModule::mComponentCount [protected]
const nsModuleComponentInfo* nsGenericModule::mComponents [protected]
nsModuleConstructorProc nsGenericModule::mCtor [protected]
nsModuleDestructorProc nsGenericModule::mDtor [protected]
const char* nsGenericModule::mModuleName [protected]

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